Some Pixel 7 Pro users are reporting scrolling issues on their new phones

Some Pixel 7 Pro users are reporting scrolling issues on their new phones

Some Pixel 7 Pro users are reporting scrolling issues on their new phones

New owners report that scrolling inertia varies widely

After half a year of teasers, Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are finally official. Although we gave these phones positive marks in our reviews, it seems that not everything is perfectly fine. For example, we found that Google Pixel 7 ProThe screen consumes much more power than comparable phones at higher brightness levels. There seems to be another screen issue affecting some units. Reports suggest that touchscreen behavior, particularly scrolling, may be wildly inconsistent on the Pro model.


A few new Pixel 7 Pro owners moved to reddit to share some screen issues they are experiencing. The Redditor describes scrolling as inconsistent. Sometimes you’ll end up going through a lot more space a lot faster than you expected, while other times you’ll barely go further than where your thumb is leading you. Many other people have joined the discussions, describing similar issues that become especially apparent when they compare the behavior to their older phones.

We can confirm these findings to some extent. Two of our editors noticed irregular movement on their units. However, it is difficult to determine exactly what is going on here, and it seems to us that the problem is not as big as the reports suggest. The touchscreen appears to be calibrated differently than the Pixel 7 and other Pixel phones before the new pair, with it being more sensitive to quick and small movements.

It’s possible that the 120Hz refresh rate supported by the 7 Pro’s display plays a role, with many people upgrading from phones with lower refresh rates. A faster refresh rate comes with a different look and feel when scrolling, which can change the perception of how scrolling reacts to finger movements.

There are also a few reports suggesting that there are similar issues on the smaller Pixel 7, but we can’t confirm that. It’s possible that in these cases the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro were lumped together, leaving out which model exactly was meant.

The good news is that many users report that the problems have improved after installing the system update on their new phones. This initial update is waiting for everyone who gets their phones first, and we recommend that you install both this and any Google app updates to make sure your phone is fully ready and bug-free when you start using it.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment.

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