Someone transformed a Tesla Model S with a Lambo Huracan Front End

Someone transformed a Tesla Model S with a Lambo Huracan Front End

Someone transformed a Tesla Model S with a Lambo Huracan Front End

The Tesla Model S and the Lamborghini Huracan are both unique in their own way, and while they’re very different cars, they have a few things in common: they’re eye-catching, they’re insanely fast, and they have a front end. the final designs are arguably in the same ballpark (maybe we’re getting there).

That said, we were still pretty impressed with what looked like the front of the second-generation Huracan. Tesla Model S, but to each his own. And, frankly, it doesn’t seem that out of place. Heck, some people we know might prefer it.

Over the years, we’ve learned that many people either love or loathe the design of Tesla vehicles. In some cases, it’s just that the person we asked loves or hates it Tesla generally. However, many times people we’ve spoken to comment on the Tesla’s lack of a grill. We probably haven’t heard that much about the second generation Model Sbut definitely Model 3 and the Y model thanks to their very unique and prominent fronts.

The first generation Model S tended to have a more traditional looking front end. There was no “real” working grill, but it did have a fake grill. For the 2016 model year, Tesla replaced the Model S’ fake grille with a sleeker front end. The lack of a grille on the latest S model may not have caught people’s attention as much as many other fast, sporty and exotic cars, like the Huracan, sport sleek, low and aerodynamic front ends. It comes with the territory, of course.

Images of the Huracan front Tesla Model S were released r/WeirdWheels on Reddit and shared Carscoops. If you look closely at the posts, you can see that the lights and bulbs have also been replaced. Take a look for yourself:

Carscoops makes it clear that the front bumper is not an original part of the Huracan. The Tesla fits very well, and the original Lambo front end would not fit as pictured. The post is almost certainly a custom job, and we agree.

We encourage you to head over to our comments section and cast your vote. Do you like the modified Tesla Model S? Hate it? Don’t care or both? We’d love to hear what people think about this unique creation.

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