Sony made a version of the LinkBuds S using recycled water bottles

Sony made a version of the LinkBuds S using recycled water bottles

Sony made a version of the LinkBuds S using recycled water bottles

Sony LinkBuds S Offers a more traditional wireless fit instead of an open wear design original model. The company launched the follow-up back in May, filling the list of features with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and a host of other useful items from Sony’s premium audio products. Like the first LinkBuds, the Model S is built to be worn all the time, thanks to its compact size, snug fit, and transparent-capable mode. LinkBuds S are actually made from plastic recycled from auto parts, but today the company announced an Earth Blue version made with more reclaimed materials.

Sony says that the body and case of this version of the LinkBuds S are made from “factory recovered plastic and refurbished water bottles.” Recycled materials are what give the exterior surfaces a marbled style. The company explains that the idea originally came from exploring the design around new uses for recycled water bottles. Of course, the earbuds are not entirely made of reclaimed materials, but the main housing of the buds and the case have a round shape of the process. Like the current LinkBuds S colors, the packaging of this new version does not use plastic.

The $200 LinkBuds S features an ANC and Transparency mode that allows you to fine-tune or fine-tune the world as you see fit. Sony has added a tool called Auto Play to these earbuds that allows you to set specific times when the audio will start automatically – such as after a video call or on the go. Also here is the adaptive volume control system from earbuds and other headphones, in which sound modes are automatically changed based on your location or activity. You can expect up to six hours of battery life when charged with ANC enabled and another 14 hours in the case. IPX4 protection also means you can wear it during workouts without fear of sweat damage, and the easy-to-use Speak-to-Chat feature pauses when you start talking to help with fast conversations.

The New Earth Blue variant It’ll be available at the end of October from Sony, Amazon, and other retailers, joining the black and white options in the LinkBuds S lineup. We’ve seen these earbuds for As low as $148although you may have to wait a while to get a deal on this new version.

Sony made a version of the LinkBuds S using recycled water bottles


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