Spotify may have a Platinum HiFi plan on the horizon

Spotify may have a Platinum HiFi plan on the horizon

Spotify’s Platinum subscription level may bundle access to the streaming service select the podcast catalog. And finally, the Premium tier will allow subscribers to access Library Pro and Playlist Pro. It’s a long list of exclusive benefits, even compared to the paid tier of the service, but Spotify apparently wants to pay a premium for it. According to the screenshot shared on Reddit, Spotify plans to charge $20 per month for the Platinum subscription.

While the idea may sound appealing to many Spotify loyalists who have been waiting for years for a lossless listening experience, $20 is a lot of money to pay for the music streaming service. The loss of value becomes even more extensive when you consider the fact that Apple Music offers the benefit of lossless audio at no additional cost. Plus, Apple also bundles the benefits of spatial audio at just $5.99 per month for an individual plan.

Amazon’s lossless music service became free last year, and in addition to high-resolution music, it also offers spatial audio and Dolby Atmos. The company’s Music Unlimited subscription costs $9 a month for Prime subscribers, while the rest pay $10 each month, which is again half of what Spotify plans to charge for its Platinum tier. Plus, both Amazon and Apple command a rich music catalog, which makes it even more difficult for Spotify to offer a lossless music streaming service.

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