Spotify’s rumored hi-fi ‘Platinum’ plan will set you back a pretty penny

Spotify’s rumored hi-fi ‘Platinum’ plan will set you back a pretty penny

That will be $20 a month please

Most popular streaming services offer hi-fi streaming quality settings to paying subscribers. This setting allows you to hear more detail, just as the artists would have heard it when creating the song. Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal offer hi-fi streaming for a price, but Spotify doesn’t even treat Premium subscribers to CD-quality sound. That confirmed his plans to bring hi-fi to customers in 2021, but the company hasn’t said when it will arrive. Research recently presented to Spotify users suggests that we may not have to wait long, but the price may be extremely high.


Redditor u/nearlymind canceled their Spotify Premium subscription to switch to Apple Music, but Spotify presented a survey asking whether a user would consider paying for Spotify Platinum in the next 30 days (via What a Hi-Fi). If this poll is to be believed, we could see Spotify Platinum launch in November. Benefits of the new plan include support for hi-fi streaming, Studio Sound, Headphone Utility, Audio Insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro and limited ad-supported Spotify podcasts.

Although the poll doesn’t say, the redditor believes that Playlist Pro would be similar to Apple Music Smart playlists feature, which automatically adds songs to a playlist if they match your predefined criteria for that playlist. They say Library Pro could be like an Apple Music library, where users can edit metadata for songs, including artist, album and genre. Let’s hope that’s the case and users of the free tiers won’t lose support for library and playlist management features.

Spotify’s pricing for the Platinum level, assuming the brand is consumer-facing, is quite ambitious. The survey suggests that you will have to pay $20 per month for it. To put that into perspective, Spotify Premium costs half as much as $10 per month. While rivals such as Apple Music and Amazon Music offer lossless and hi-fi streaming for $10 a month, this proposed price would roughly in line with Tidal’swith a $20 HiFi Plus tier for audiophiles.

However, there’s been a bit of hype surrounding Spotify hi-fi lately, and research suggests the service is still assessing how much cash audiophiles are willing to cough up for the feature. Research suggests that the rollout could happen within a month, but there’s no official confirmation from the company, and we couldn’t confirm whether the screenshot is fake. For now, all of us play the waiting gameso if you want hi-fi, switching to another streaming service isn’t too difficult.

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