Sylagan Dispensing has CPhI . Introduced Gemini BE Nasal Pump in

Sylagan Dispensing has CPhI .  Introduced Gemini BE Nasal Pump in

Sylagan Dispensing has CPhI . Introduced Gemini BE Nasal Pump in

Silgan Dispensing, a global specialist in the design, development and distribution of engineered pumps and sprayers in the pharmaceutical market, has announced the launch of the Gemini BE Nasal Pump.

Developed with Silgan Dispensing’s Bioequivalence (BE) program, the Gemini BE Nasal Pump is optimized to match specific formulations for a “perfect” performance fit. With an extensive five-stage custom process, Gemini allows customization with over 40 different spray configurations.

Additional benefits of the Gemini BE Nasal Pump include:

  • Cleanroom, pharma-grade and ISO-certified production
  • high dosing accuracy
  • Fewer strokes to prime
  • Ability to match existing reference listed drug (RLD) devices in a range of formulations
  • Ability to modify spray characteristics such as DSD, plume geometry and spray pattern

“Bioequivalence testing helps our customers overcome the regulatory and technical barriers that previously slowed product commercialization,” said Alan Houston, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Healthcare at Cilgan Dispensing. “The Gemini BE Nasal Pump demonstrates the capability of our BE program and Sylagon dispensing to rapidly deliver nasal devices to our customers’ needs as a replacement or secondary supply chain option.”

The BE program of Sylagon dispensing conforms to US FDA and EU practices. Additionally, the BE program is supported by Silgan Dispensing’s regulatory team, which utilizes the company’s nasal spray testing cGMP laboratory and equipment, and partners with accredited, external cGMP laboratory testing services and CMOs for nasal products. Is.

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