#TBT: Google plans a mobile payment; Device lock and portability, oh my god; PE acquired Alltel… this week in 2007

#TBT: Google plans a mobile payment;  Device lock and portability, oh my god;  PE acquired Alltel… this week in 2007

#TBT: Google plans a mobile payment; Device lock and portability, oh my god; PE acquired Alltel… this week in 2007

Editor’s note: RCR Wireless News is in on “Throwback Thursdaydays,” tapping into our archives to relive the headlines from the past. Fire up the time machine, wear those sepia shades, set a date for #TBT and relive the memories!

The FCC wants a faster number transfer

The FCC has called for an end to delays in transferring phone numbers from one carrier to another, a measure that responds to complaints by some wireless operators about the lengthy bureaucratic process of transferring wired numbers to mobile phone providers. Kevin Martin, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, stated, “I … support actions to simplify the process and time required to switch from wired to wireless service in order to provide consumers with the ability to change service providers without undue burden or delay.” The FCC concluded that checking local number portability for a simple number port should be limited to four fields including 10-digit phone number, customer account number, 5-digit zip code, and passcode, if applicable . The agency also tentatively concluded that minor ports must be completed within 48 hours. For wireless carriers, local number portability delays are a competitive problem. For one Democratic FCC member, the ruling suggests more. … Read more

Sprint, Verizon settles phone insurance and portability claims

Here’s just one reason the cellphone industry is asking Congress to agree to extending federal safeguards: Multiple lawsuits in California state court have ensnared national carriers and prompted some to settle. More than a dozen cases involving phone lock fees and early termination have been consolidated in the California Supreme Court, Alameda County. There is now an end in sight to some of those cases. Sprint Nextel Corp. has entered. , the No. 3 operator of mobile phones, is in a far-reaching settlement. “We believe the settlement is fair and reasonable,” said Matt Sullivan, a spokesman for Sprint Nextel. Under the settlement, Sprint Nextel agreed to disclose the phone lock code to consumers; Help customers who are not using Sprint Nextel devices activate them on the Sprint network, where possible, and notify direct and indirect Sprint Nextel retailers of these policies. In addition, Sprint Nextel has agreed to offer these benefits not only in California and Florida, but nationwide. Scott Pursor, principal class counsel in the AAA arbitration and co-lead class counsel in the California case, said Sprint Nextel’s settlement parallels a similar settlement with Verizon Wireless. “These two settlements will make it much easier for consumers to use their CDMA phones to sign up for service on other CDMA carrier networks,” Pursor said. “Together, these two settlements represent enormous victories for consumers and for free competition between mobile phone companies.” However, Verizon Wireless has settled even though Cellular Number 2 says it doesn’t lock cell phones. … Read more

Rumors about Google’s new focus on mobile

It is said that Google Inc. It’s about to enter the wireless space in a big way. Much has been speculated about the search giant’s plans for mobile, ranging from branded devices to ad-supported minutes and open operating systems. But Google is ready to pull everything it’s planning into space over the next two weeks, according to it for a story in Today’s Wall Street Journal. The newspaper stated that it had set an ambitious goal of “making applications and services accessible on mobile phones as they are on the Internet”. It is said that Google wants wireless subscribers to have a wider range of services available to them on their mobile phones. However, Google has a mountain to climb on its way there: carriers. Unidentified sources told the Wall Street Journal that the company is expected to announce its suite of advanced software and services that it hopes to persuade mobile phone manufacturers to bring Google-powered devices to market by mid-2008. The newspaper reported that the search giant has reached out to several from US and foreign phone makers about its plans. Google is also reportedly seeking partnerships with operators. … Read more

Boingo buys Wi-Fi networks at Sprint Nextel Airport

Boingo Wireless Inc. said. , a Wi-Fi hotspot service provider, said it had acquired Wi-Fi networks at seven airports from Sprint Nextel Corp. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The purchase includes a roaming component that will allow Sprint Nextel customers to access the Boingo hotspot network. Sprint Nextel customers will be able to use Boingo services at various airports as well as over 100,000 Boingo Wi-Fi locations worldwide.
Boingo charges $8 per day for 24 hours of Wi-Fi access and $22 per month for unlimited access to North American hotspots. New Boengo airports include William P. Hobby and George Bush International Airports in Houston. Memphis International; Milwaukee General Mitchell International… Read more

Private Equity Groups’ Alltel Acquisition Gets FCC Approval

The Federal Communications Commission approved the $27.5 billion acquisition of Alltel Corp. By private equity firms TPG Capital LP and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. , despite criticism from many members regarding the universal service associated with improving 911 terms.
Atlantis Holdings LLC is the holding company of TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs. While the agency has concluded that the transition will not harm wireless service competition, it has set special requirements to address concerns about universal service and the E-911. As such, the FCC has imposed a temporary cap on qualified, high-cost and competitive carrier support based on 2007 levels provided to Alltel as a condition of approval of the deal even though the agency has not yet established a broad policy for universal service reform. But there is a universal service cancellation requirement: compatibility with E-911 and the recording of some universal service support data. “The condition imposed on integration today is more partial than it is [Federal State] The joint board recommended in May. “I fear that this requirement is an even greater impediment to the rational and comprehensive reform of the United States of America forces,” Commissioner Michael Cobbs said. “In addition, it is disappointing to me that the Commission is imposing this requirement when the Joint Council is currently working hard to provide the Commission with a recommendation on a broader reform.” Fellow Democrat Jonathan Adelstein also criticized the wording of the restrictions on the Alltel-Atlantis deal. … Read more

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