Tesla launches home charging station that works with other electric cars

Tesla launches home charging station that works with other electric cars

Tesla has launched a home charging station, or what it calls the Wall Connector, that works with other electric cars and not just Tesla vehicles.

Unlike all other electric automakers, Tesla uses its own proprietary connector for vehicles produced for the North American market. This means that the company’s charging network and products, like home chargers, only work with its electric vehicles.

Tesla’s design has been praised for being far simpler and more efficient than the CCS/J1772 standard adopted by the rest of the industry.

At the beginning of the year, there was Tesla’s effort to make the connector the new standardbut it seems to have been in vain.

Tesla has tended to open up its charging network and products to electric vehicles from other automakers.

The company has stated that it will do so add CCS connectors to North American Supercharger stations As it was already done in Europe.

Last year, Tesla also briefly launched it A new version of the home charging station, Wall Connector, with a J1772 connector instead. It meant the charger was aimed at non-Tesla EV buyers.

However, the product was not available for long.

Now, Tesla has released a new version of its J1772 wall connector for $550. website:

Our J1772 Wall Connector is a convenient charging solution for Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles, perfect for homes, apartments, hospitality establishments and workplaces.

Here are some pictures of the new Tesla Wall Connector:

Based on Tesla’s description, it looks like the automaker will be going after the commercial cargo market:

If you are a commercial real estate developer, manager or owner and are interested in purchasing more than 12 J1772 wall connectors, please visit Commercial Charging.

But at $550, it’s very competitive with any home charging station on the market, especially when you consider the power-sharing and connectivity features:

With an added range of up to 44 miles per hour, a 24-foot cable, multiple power settings, and a variable indoor/outdoor design, the J1772 Wall Connector offers unparalleled convenience. It can also share power to maximize existing electrical capacity, automatically distributing power and allowing multiple vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

Tesla vehicles can also use the station, but will need to use an adapter that comes with the vehicle.

Otherwise, Tesla owners will have to use Tesla’s original wall plug, which is equipped with Tesla’s proprietary plug and is cheaper at $400.

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