The best Xbox Cloud Gaming titles with touch controls

The best Xbox Cloud Gaming titles with touch controls

The best Xbox Cloud Gaming titles with touch controls

When Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service added by xCloud 2020eventually evolved into one of the best ways to stream console-quality games on Android devices. A large library ranging from first-party Microsoft titles to significant third-party support from established publishers such as EA, solid connection speeds and numerous controller options has increased the service to about 10 million subscribers.


Fortunately, many titles played through Xbox Cloud Gaming don’t require a controller, as a phone or tablet’s touchscreen does the job well enough, thanks to games that offer native touchscreen controls. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite titles that represent the various genres of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Dusk Falls

Dusk Falls is a narrative-driven interactive adventure created by Interior Night and focuses on the lives of two families that become intertwined after a botched heist. Given that the developers behind the game are former Heavy rain and Detroit: Beyond Human Members of the studio, Quantic Dreams, expect the same tiered choice system with multiple endings. Because Dusk Falls features more choice-based and the timing for quick-time events is a bit more forgiving, it’s easy to enjoy this game on mobile, even on lower speed connections.

Yakuza: Like a dragon

Unlike previous Sega games Yakuza series, Yakuza: Like a dragon ditches beat-em-up combat for a more turn-based RPG style of gameplay. Of course, mini-games including go-kart racing and golf, alongside classic Sega games like Outrun and Virtua Fighter all make an appearance, although the mini-games can become frustrating if the connection isn’t good enough. Fortunately, the base game is great to play on mobile devices, thanks to the included touch controls. Most importantly, the show’s clever mix of Japanese culture, crime drama, and unique quirks work together to create an unforgettable experience.

Shadowrun Returns

Released in 2013 after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Shadowrun Returns was a welcome return for a franchise that had been dormant since 2007. Already available via Google Play, individuals who haven’t tried Shadowrun Returns will find a satisfying RPG that makes good use of its pen-to-paper fantasy/sci-fi inspiration through xCloud. The game also offers one of the best transitions between console, PC and mobile, given the tactical turn-based nature of combat available in either format. Outside of the main campaign, expansions Dragonfall and Hong Kong are also available.

Telling Lies

Developed by Sam Barlow and Furious Bee, Telling Lies is an interactive narrative game that uses full-motion video to tell its story. Published through Annapurna Interactive, this desktop thriller has players sift through video clips and documents on a playable computer to unlock a mystery about four characters. In addition to an interface that works pretty well with touchscreen controls, there are some serious Hollywood production values ​​brought to it by a main cast that includes Logan Marshall-Green, Alexandra Shipp, Kerry Bishé and Angela Sarafyan.


Award-winning adventure game Firewatch succeeds thanks to its phenomenal story and unique art style. Players take on the role of Henry, a fire watcher who wants to uncover some mysterious happenings around the Shoshone National Forest after the 1988 Yellowstone fire. Most of the game is played in isolation, with the only communication coming via walkie-talkie. Despite being first-person, there’s no real combat as the game is more puzzle-based, meaning players won’t have to fiddle too much with the touchscreen controls to see their way to the end.

Stardew Valley

Also available via Google Play, Stardew Valley is a farming simulator/RPG inspired Harvest Moon. In this game, players create a custom character and set out to farm the land inherited from their grandfather in the title location. Throughout Stardew Valley, players can literally create a farm however they want outside of interacting with local non-playable characters. In addition to managing the farm, players must also take care of themselves by making sure they are well hydrated and have energy. At the beginning, Stardew Valley is easy to get into, but the way it opens should allow players to play for dozens of hours.

Desolation 3

All three Wasteland games in the series are currently available to stream via xCloud. However, Desolation 3 is the latest entry and enables co-op gaming, meaning mobile or tablet users can play alongside friends on another similar device in addition to consoles and PCs. Expect a well-crafted isometric squad-based RPG that features turn-based combat to deliver a story with multiple choices and endings in a very immersive post-apocalyptic world.

Gears Tactics

The main line Gears of War games are available to play via xCloud with touchscreen controls. Just keep in mind that skin-based third-person shooter controls aren’t exactly optimized without a controller, and connection speeds can hurt the game a bit. Individuals who want to get theirs Gears Motion fics may seem slower paced Gears Tactics. A prequel to the first game in the series, the look and feel of the franchise that introduced the chainsaw gun is all here, but with turn-based tactical combat that feels great on a touchscreen.

Get the best streaming experience with Xbox Cloud Gaming

The most important thing to understand when playing through Xbox Game Pass and xCloud is that a fast and stable connection is essential for the best experience. This means you’ll need mobile data access that’s at least 20 Mbps and a 5 GHz WiFi connection. For gamers looking to use their mobile data, please note that xCloud games are known to use around 3GB per hour. This means that those who have to deal with excessive costs should concentrate on gaming over good wifi, where upgrading to quality mesh wifi system may be the boost your network needs.

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