The European Union gives final approval to the USB-C standard

The European Union gives final approval to the USB-C standard

The European Union gives final approval to the USB-C standard

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Although some have questioned whether that day will actually come, it appears that Europe is ready to finally move forward with a common USB-C charging standard.

After months of deliberation and nearly a decade of speculation, the European Council on Monday gave… Final approval to steer the common charger. This directive will make USB-C ports mandatory for mobile phones, tablets, headphones, game consoles, and other electronics by Fall, 2024. In theory, the new router will make USB-C the only charger to rule them all, which hopefully will help empty those drawers full of messy, tangled and often useless wires.

When the standard is rolled out, European consumers will be given the option to choose to purchase a new device with or without a charger, although this disassembly may become mandatory in the future. The European Commission says it will do so “FormatWireless charging interoperability in an effort to push the technology forward.

“Searching for the right shipper, whether at home or at work, can be very troublesome,” Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Josef Sekila said in a statement. Moreover, these chargers amount to 11,000 tons of e-waste every year. Having a charger that fits multiple devices will save money and time and also help us reduce e-waste.”

European Parliament Been voted in favor of the new USB-C standard earlier this month by an overwhelming margin of 602-13. Cell phones, headphones and other small devices will need to comply with the standard by fall 2024. The standard is set to be extended to laptops sold within the European Union by SPring 2026.

Reducing environmentally harmful e-waste is often cited by proponents of the directive as a major catalyst for the legislation. Private companies such as SamsungAnd the The GoogleEven apple They have taken steps of their own to reduce waste by choosing not to continue selling charging bricks with some new devices, but not without a reasonable amount of push back.

The new EU standard technically applies to all tech companies operating in the region, but Apple is widely seen as the true multi-trillion dollar elephant. For years now, Apple has stubbornly stuck to the iPhone’s Lightning charger even as competitors huddle around USB-C. Rumors cited earlier this year by Bloomberg And Apple Trusted Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Suggest Tests are already underway to replace Lightning with USB-C in future iPhones.

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