The first sample supports the hype around the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera

The first sample supports the hype around the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera

The first sample supports the hype around the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera

Both Apple and Google have finally embraced high-resolution cameras, tacitly acknowledging that computational photography can only take you so far. Samsung is expected to outperform its competitors again this year with 200 MP sensor As for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and an alleged camera sample that surfaced today, the sensor is going to be a total beast.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra It comes with a 108MP camera and its performance has put it at the forefront Best camera phones of 2022 existing. Rumors have been circulating that the S23 Ultra will replace the 108MP sensor with a 200MP camera.

Best Galaxy S Series Camera in Five Years

Although some manufacturers have already released phones made by Samsung 200 MP sensorIt’s not the same HP2 unit the company has reserved for its next premium flagship.
The rumors so far, most of which came from reliable company Ice Universe, have said that the sensor will be so Unparalleled analytical power And it will be better than all the 200MP sensors we’ve seen so far. It is claimed that the phone will be able to take noticeably better night photos and the video performance is also said to be significantly improved.

Previous rumors had also said that it would just be a smidge larger than the 108MP unit and would have a larger aperture to capture light.

Ice went so far as to say that this would be the biggest improvement in five years and even posted a photo on Weibo (Across Galaxy Club) to support his claim.
The leaker doesn’t explicitly say that the 200MP sample comes from the S23 Ultra, but given that he compared it to an image taken from a 108MP camera, we assume he’s trying to show us how to use the main camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It stacks up against the S22 Ultra.

It’s hard to tell what the photo is but what is clear is that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP sensor is remarkably better at capturing the most intricate details. The images are different for day and night, although they show the same thing.

Samsung is also working hard on the computational side of things and recently came up with the to-do astrophotography mode to the S22 Ultra, so it goes without saying that the S23 Ultra will also have better smart software.
Ice also revealed that while the S23 Ultra won’t have a bigger zoom than the S22 Ultra, it does. 3x and 10x zoom units It will have other improvements, such as better color reproduction.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to stick to the S22 Ultra’s 6.8-inch screen and 5,000mAh battery. It is also clear that it will have the same overall design as its predecessor and will be powered by the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Ice said he is concerned about the price of the phone, suggesting that it may be more expensive than the already expensive Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung may edit a file Galaxy S23 series Early next year, presumably in January.

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