The Google Meet app will get the automatic transcription feature next week

The Google Meet app will get the automatic transcription feature next week

Most companies around the world have embraced hybrid work routines by offering flexible options to work from home some days and the rest of the week in the office. However, one thing employees cannot escape is the team meeting. Sometimes, when it goes on for a long time, some may wander off thinking about other things and end up missing the main points of the meeting. This can hurt even more if you miss a job-related task.

So, Google has come up with a solution for such a scenario. It has introduced a transcription feature in the workplace assistance tool with Google Meet video conferencing.

Once the session (with 200 or fewer members) starts in Google Meet, the meeting transcripts are automatically recorded.

Google Meet takes the transcription. Credit: Google

The meeting host, co-hosts, or transcript initiator will receive the link to the transcript document by email after the meeting ends. And, the transcript will be automatically attached to the corresponding calendar invitation for the meeting.

Users can transcribe a Google Meet video meeting into a Google Doc. The transcribed file is stored in the hosts’ ‘Meet Recordings’ folder on Google Drive, similar to meeting recordings, the company said.

This feature can only be accessed when using Google Meet on a desktop or laptop computer. Also, all members of the meeting will be notified that the details of the meeting are being transcribed.

Initially, automatic transcription will only be available in English. The new feature will roll out to Google Meet customers starting October 24, and may take at least 15 days to fully cover all regions.

The company has plans to bring this support to more languages ​​including French, German, Spanish and Portuguese in 2023.

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