The polished Apple Watch Ultra process is now available

The polished Apple Watch Ultra process is now available

The polished Apple Watch Ultra process is now available

Apple Watch Ultra it comes with the largest case and screen in the company’s wearable history with a host of new features. However, it is only available in a matte titanium finish. Now, the Arizona jeweler specializes in polishing titanium cases and buttons for a smooth aesthetic. Read on for a closer look at the sleek Apple Watch Ultra that’s available to everyone, at a price.

We’ve seen a number of people showing off the Apple Watch Ultra with polished link bracelet. However, for those looking for a more traditional and appropriate aesthetic, matte titanium may not be the right fit.

The sleek Apple Watch Ultra

Now a jeweler from Arizona Billas Lux/Watch Plating Pros offers a way for customers to get a fully polished Apple Watch Ultra. He YouTube today, the company shared a look at what it can do.

In keeping with the polished case, the process even removes the international orange color of the action button.

As well as offering to polish your existing watch, De Billas Lux sells pre-polished watches, which are just double the usual price of the Ultra at $1,499.

Here’s how the jeweler describes the process:

“This watch started out as the new Apple Watch Ultra made of titanium that comes with a matte silver finish. This has been electro treated to remove the previous finish including the orange paint on the buttons and then deep polished to achieve a beautiful mirror finish. Get yours at

We can polish your Apple Watch Ultra or sell you an already polished watch. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Starting at about the same price of $1,499, the De Billas Lux does gilding for other models such as the Apple Watch Series 8.

What do you think of the polished finish on the Ultra? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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The polished Apple Watch Ultra process is now available

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