Tracking device found on bumper, husband accused of stalking | News

Tracking device found on bumper, husband accused of stalking | News

Selinsgrove, Pa. — A 49-year-old man has been charged after a mechanic found a GPS tracking device under the bumper of his wife’s vehicle.

A temporary PFA was filed Sept. 30 against Jason M. Eisenhuth after the accuser accused him of stalking her. Eisenhuth showed up at his wife’s location several times without being told where she was, she explained to police.

The accuser texted Eisenhuth that she had gone to Geisinger’s in Danville on September 29, but instead parked her vehicle on Orange Street in Northumberland. Eisenhuth soon came to the area and parked in front of his wife’s vehicle, police said.

Eisenhuth sent several text messages to his wife questioning her whereabouts.

The vehicle was taken to RHB Enterprise Garage in Selinsgrove on Oct. 5 where a GPS tracking device was discovered, police said. The accuser turned the device into PSP Stonington where it was introduced into evidence.

Eisenhuth was charged with first-degree stalking, harassment and disorderly conduct.

Eisenhuth posted $25,000 single bond on Oct. 7 and was released from the Northumberland County Jail.

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