Use “Lock Launcher” to open apps from iPhone lock screen

Use “Lock Launcher” to open apps from iPhone lock screen

Use “Lock Launcher” to open apps from iPhone lock screen

Use “Lock Launcher” to open apps from iPhone lock screen

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Open iOS 16 File Lock screen for completely new experiences—There’s a widget section, Live Activities for real-time updates, and Dynamic Island if you’re using an iPhone 14 Pro. It wasn’t long before someone figured out how to use all these new features to run apps. The fact that the official Shortcuts app does not have a lock screen widget is a shame.

Player lock It’s a little utility that solves all of these problems together: it’s an app that lets you put shortcuts on your lock screen and on Dynamic Island. These shortcuts can open apps, websites, automate shortcuts, or any custom link, so you can launch Google Maps, Instagram, PayPal or WhatsApp without unlocking your phone.

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How to enable live activities

If you are using files iOS 16.1The app intelligently takes advantage of live activities to display a row of app icons at the bottom of the lock screen. (Yes, it feels like you’re in Android Land.)

Screenshot: Khamush Pathak

Screenshot: Khamush Pathak

In the Lock Launcher app, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Live activity settings and enable”live activities. You can choose the maximum icon numbers here if you want (up to eight). Click Done and go to the Favorites tab. The apps listed here will appear in the Live Activity widget automatically. Press Add andChoose Action. Here, you can choose from popular apps, system settings or websites. The app can’t access all your installed apps so it has a list of 130+ popular apps, hopefully this list will expand in the future. If your app isn’t listed In the list, go to the dedicated section and find the online application URL scheme. Once the action is set, click on “MemorizesAnd repeat the process for any other apps you want.

When you open the lock screen after that, you’ll see your apps ready to go. Same thing when pressing the dynamic island. The first time you open these apps, you’ll see a confirmation box, but it won’t appear again after that.

How to customize your widgets

Setting up the widget takes some time, but it’s worth it, and Lock Launcher has eight widgets with a single icon that you can customize. Go to “lock screen“, choose a tool, and you’ll see the same”Choose ActionThe workflow we mentioned above. Add the app or shortcut, and click onMemorizes. “

To enable the widget, go to the lock screen, tap and hold on the wallpaper, and tap Personalize. Tap on the blank widget part, and select “Player lockYou can add up to four icons in the panel. The app allows you to create two items and the entire live activity box for free. You can upgrade to the pro version for $0.99.

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