View Mount Police Department report 10/28/2022Ozark Radio News

View Mount Police Department report 10/28/2022Ozark Radio News

View Mount Police Department report 10/28/2022Ozark Radio News

Mountain View, Mo. , The following are calls for service and quote reports from Mt. See Police Department for the week ending 10/28/2022.

call for service



2022-01918 104 Area Check 10/21/22

assistance provided

104 W 5 . was driving downth St and stinky smoke. The 104 bus stopped at the barn and saw smoke coming out of the building, contacted the fire department.

2022-01919 104 Field Check 10/21/22

no report needed

The woman had said that she heard voices from the field near her house, at first she thought it was a person but could not believe it. After seeing him, she assumes that it was a mountain lion. The area was searched and nothing was found.

2022-01 920 128 INFORMATION 10/21/22

assistance provided

The men went to the PD about the music outside the Veterans Park. Information given.

2022-01921 134 INFORMATION 10/22/22

assistance provided

A woman was approached with questions about her driver’s license. Information given.

2022-01922 103 Animals 10/22/22

report taken

911 called 103 and 128 W. 1 . sent toscheduled tribe St. 3 loose for the pit bull, trying to attack the neighbors. Units reached the scene and the animals were inside a fence in the house. No one came in or out of the house. Told the owner of the animal works on the animal control officer’s crosscut. A report was taken from the neighbors and it was said that they want the animals to be kept so that they neither find any children in the area.

2022-01923 103 Follow-up 10/22/22

no report needed

Animals 103 and 128 reached Crosscut to speak to the owner. Asked if anyone is at home, she said that her boyfriend will be there to talk about the condition of the animals.

2022-01924 103 Assistant Motor Driver 10/22/22

report taken

Sent to an auto accident in a Walmart parking lot. The information was taken for the crash report.

2022-01925 103 Animals 10/22/22

assistance provided

The male wanted to talk to an officer about the dog that was trying to attack him. Talked to the young man and got information.

2022-01926 103 INFORMATION 10/22/22

assistance provided

The RP said he posted on Facebook to trace the vehicle that hit his car and another resident came forward with the name and number.

2022-01927 103 peace disturbance 10/23/22

assistance provided

103 were sent to a party where residents were told to turn off the music. Instead the music was turned on. Spoke with all parties involved and they turned down the music.

2022-01928 134 Attacked/Not in Progress 10/23/22

assistance provided

In the police department, a couple came to inform about the assault. The incident happened outside the city limits. Howell County SO was informed and sought for a report.

2022-01931 134 Wellbeing Check 10/24/22

gone on arrival

Couldn’t find answer. Will check back later.

2022-01932 128 INFORMATION 10/24/22

assistance provided

The woman called 911 about surveillance on her person, but she was out of state and was advised to contact her local police department.

2022-01933 103 TRAFFIC STOP 10/24/22


128 stopped traffic, but saw there was another plate.

2022-01934 103 Animals 10/24/22

assistance provided

Saw a dog on a large scale during patrol. Contacted the owner and advised to keep his dog on leash.

2022-01937 109 Assistant Motor Driver 10/25/22

The tree had fallen and was buried under a car. After reaching the spot for assistance, the civilian had already stopped and assisted in removing the branch.

2022-01938 109 Animals 10/25/22

gone on arrival

Someone had trapped the deer. The deer was still alive but with a broken leg and on the road. Reached the spot and took stock of the area. Nothing was found.

2022-01939 109 Attack/Progress 10/25/22

assistance provided

RP tells that 3 teenage boys were trying to attack him and were in his house. RP says back that they stole his gun. The area has been secured. On talking to the victim, it was found that he had health issues and there was no one in the house.

2022-01940 109 Wellbeing Check 10/25/22

assistance provided

The man’s sister was saying that she had called him and was still watching people in her house and was threatening to shoot them. Wants an officer to try and take him to the hospital. 123 also reached the spot and were able to talk to the man about going to the hospital.

2022-01942 109 INFORMATION 10/25/22

assistance provided

Call back subject who wanted information on reporting stolen vehicle. Was advised that the vehicle was located downtown but had been stolen from a Texas county. Be advised that since the vehicle was stolen from a Texas county, contact us to report the stolen vehicle to the Sheriff’s Office and to request the Texas county to seize the vehicle.

2022-01944 103 Help other agency 10/25/22

assistance provided

Sent to assist EMS with lift assist.

2022-01945 123 Prisoner Transport

assistance provided

The man was taken from Shannon County to Howell County Jail.

2022-01946 103 Traffic Stop 10/26/22


citation issued

2022-01947 128 Help other agency 10/26/22

assistance provided

TCSO called regarding stolen vehicle. Information given.

2022-01948 103 Suspicious Vehicle 10/26/22

assistance provided

Vehicle seen in the street. Stopped and talked to the person to see what was happening. It turned out that they were digging in the dustbin.

2022-01950 123 Miscellaneous Risk 10/26/22


assistance provided

Debris in the road The road was cleared.

2022-01951 104 TRAFFIC STOP 10/27/22


Citation for speeding.


10/25/22 at 09:15:15

Driving while license is suspended/revoked

Ethan Shannon 29

mountain view, mo

10/26/22 11:38:51 am

Property damage/vandalism (less than $500)

Logan Fisher 30

mountain view, mo

10/27/22 06:15:11 pm

Exceeds the prescribed speed limit (11-15 overs)

Sapphire Niles 21

West Plains, Mo.

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