Vintage tank simulator that moves around a miniature scene

Vintage tank simulator that moves around a miniature scene

Vintage tank simulator that moves around a miniature scene

Lead this 70’s tank simulator through a small world

So, you think that your iRacing sim rig Very outrageous, isn’t it? Sure, she has a full motion base and she is supported byrod from a computer, but I’m here to tell you that your rig is crap and that the Swiss built the ultimate sim in the ’70s –to teach soldiers How to drive tanks. I can’t say why they need this (this is Switzerland, after all), but it’s great anyway.

So, as computers sucked in the 1970s, creating a realistic training simulator using computer graphics wasn’t really an option. would have looked Virtual boy smarter than Nintendomay cause a lot of headache, And they’re not really useful to anyone. Instead, these enterprising Swiss built a gigantic room-sized terrain model and installed a small camera on a motorized bridge. During training, the tank driver sits in the recline of the cockpit, operates the steering wheel, pedals, and switches, and the camera moves around the scale model sight based on driver inputs. The cockpit is located above the hydraulic cylinders which disturb the driver while driving the tank on different terrains, adding realism to me expertise.

This video is by YouTube Tom Scott It shows how the system works and what the team at the Swiss Military Museum has to go through to get the simulator running again. Spoiler alert: It is powered by Raspberry Pi. Wilde, I know.

The best part of all this is that you can go to the Swiss Military Museum in Full-Reuenthal, and they will let you try it – Throat microphone and headphone and all. That they let the public experience this, with it being the only working unit in the entire world, that’s very anomaly.

Also, I have to get some of the alpineflag dope coats. Call me guys.

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