What technology? Siri can answer the phone for you

What technology?  Siri can answer the phone for you

What technology? Siri can answer the phone for you


By JAMIE TUCKER Consumer Technology Reporter

We have all been there. The phone rings and you can’t answer. Maybe you just finished the bathroom, or maybe your hands are digging in dirt in the garden.

Maybe you have some navigation issues that prevent you from finding the phone, unlocking it, and tapping
button “Accept connection” on the screen.

If you can’t quickly answer the phone with your hands, the Apple Siri voice assistant can do it for you. But you will need to prepare it in advance.

Open your iPhone settings and go to “Siri and Search. Make sure “Listen to Hey Siri” is turned on.” Then, scroll down until you see “Call Announcement.”

This setting allows you to use the feature only while wearing headphones, using headphones, and operating the vehicle. or “always”. Always choose.

Here’s what will happen when you change these settings:

When the phone rings, Siri will announce who’s calling. If you have their number and name in your contacts, you will say who is calling. If not, it will announce the calling number.

Even if you can’t pick up the phone yourself, you can say “Hey Siri, answer the phone,” and the caller will be connected.

If you are unable to hold the phone near your ear, say “Siri, answer the call on speakerphone.”

You’ll be able to talk to the calling person several feet away through the iPhone’s speaker and microphone. Very pleasant.

You will also need to go back to Settings and turn on End Call under Siri and Search settings. This is new, so if you don’t see it, update your phone to iOS 16. This way, when you want to hang up just say “Siri, hang up.”

I set this up on my dad’s phone because he can’t always pick up the phone when I call. It makes a huge difference in its ability to accept calls. Siri will also place calls as soon as you ask.

If you can’t hold the phone near your ear, just say “Hey Siri, call ____ on speakerphone.”

Unfortunately for Android users, there is no option that works with every Android brand. Since every Android phone is different, you should check your accessibility settings to see if there is one for your device.

From what I’ve been able to find, Samsung has a feature that allows phones to be placed and accepted but some other Android device makers don’t.

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