What we would like to see in Rings of Power Season 2

What we would like to see in Rings of Power Season 2

What we would like to see in Rings of Power Season 2

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and speculation about what might happen in Season 2.

So now we know who Sauron is and we get a hint of how the “one ring to rule them all” ended up being forged. Monitoring season finale which contained several major discoveries, Rings of Power will be off our TV screens for at least a year, leaving several plot threads hanging and some mysteries yet to be revealed.

Now fans of the show will have plenty of time to speculate about what might happen in the second season of the show. Will the newly revealed Sauron show his hand to the other characters? Will Durin give in to temptation? Here’s a quick rundown of things we’d like to see in the upcoming season.

Sauron confronts his enemies

Season finale trailer | The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power | Prime Video

As we see at the end of season one, Halbrand shows his hand and reveals himself to be Sauron. He then tries to lure Galadriel to his cause, explaining that since Morgoth was defeated, all he really wanted was to heal the divisions in Middle-earth. However, Galadriel doesn’t really buy it, and Sauron disappears completely.

However, at the end of the season, we see him headed for Mount Doom, where Adar and his army of orcs await. If Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, then we’ll likely see Sauron directly confront Adar. By the time we meet the Fellowship, Sauron has a firm grip on the orcs, so at some point Sauron will have to defeat Adar and gain control of his forces. We could also see Sauron claiming Mordor as his own, and trying to spread the darkness that has engulfed that land to the rest of Middle-earth.

It remains to be seen what form Sauron’s confrontation will take. He’s an extremely powerful dark wizard, but he doesn’t have any army at his disposal, so he seems to be at quite a disadvantage.

More sentimental Harfoot stuff

What we would like to see in Rings of Power Season 2

Nori was now off on her adventure with the wizard, leaving the rest of the Harfoots behind. It’s unclear if we’ll be checking in with the rest of the Harfoots next season, but hopefully there’ll be plenty more action for them in the coming episodes.

Halflings are an essential part of Tolkien’s world and often serve as its heart and soul. Above all else, they remind us of the good in the world and the innocence that many of our characters work so hard to defend.

Sauron helps build some extra rings

Halbrand looks off into the distance in Rings of Power.

In the finale, the elves come incredibly close to forging the rings of power under Sauron’s influence. However, after Galadriel discovered Sauron, they decided to start forging the rings. However, instead of forging two, they decide to forge three in order to maintain balance. Those rings were forged outside of Sauron’s influence, but we already know that the rings given to dwarves and men are very much part of Sauron’s larger plan.

While he may not be forging all of these rings next season, hopefully Sauron will endear himself to either dwarves or humans and corrupt them. That corruption will eventually spawn the rings, and as we well know, Sauron will eventually forge the one ring that rules over them all.

Durin will dig too greedily and too deep

Durin looks concerned in Rings of Power.

We’ve already seen Durin uncovering mithril and offering some to Elrond and the elves, but when we last saw him, he was forbidden to delve deeper into the mines of Khazad-dum by his father the king, who rightly believed that digging like that could lead to fail. What we also see is that Durin is determined to continue mining at all costs, and it seems that mithril will be needed to forge the rest of the rings.

We also saw what awaits the dwarves as they continue to dig. The Balrog lives in the depths of the mine, and it is this Balrog that will eventually turn Khazad-dûm into the tomb we see when appears in The Ring Family. There are thousands of years between the events we are currently witnessing and those we are in Fellowship, but we already know the end of this story. What we now understand is that Durin’s determination to mine mithril is based on more than his own greed. He believes he needs the mithril to save the elves.

The fall of Númenor begins


If it wasn’t already clear, Numenor isn’t there when Bilbo finds the one ring. What happens next would be a bit of a spoiler, but by the end of the season, it’s clear that trouble is brewing in the realm of men. Queen Miriel has now lost her father and will have to deal with questions about whether she is the right person to take over as leader.

Moreover, we know that Pharazon has no real desire to help his fellow man, but is only interested in expanding the power and influence of Númenor. If Sauron appears in a likeable form, it is easy to understand how the Númenorians could be tricked into making mistakes that would ultimately have dire consequences for them.

Let Morfydd Clark be in the center

Morfydd Clark in The Rings of Power.

Although there’s certainly a lot of plot development we’d like to see in season two. More important than all that, though, is that Morfydd Clark’s Galadriel remains at the center of the story.

Clark’s performance has been a revelation so far, and her version of the character seems less fully formed and just as powerful as the one we’ve seen in Peter Jackson’s films. Clark is the beating heart, and she is central to his overall mission.

Allow the story to unfold at its own pace

Galadriel walks in a fiery battle in the Rings of Power.

Mostly, Rings of PowerHis first season was a huge success. The show generated a significant audience, using its expansive budget to create some exciting scenes. The biggest problem with the first season was when the show seemed to be trying too hard to get its story where it needed to be.

There were times when the characters could have been given more room to breathe and we could have seen their development happen more gradually. Hopefully we’ll have more room for subtlety in the season ahead.

Season one of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power currently streaming on Prime Video.

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