WhatsApp appears to be experiencing an outage • TechCrunch

WhatsApp appears to be experiencing an outage • TechCrunch

WhatsApp appears to be experiencing an outage • TechCrunch

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app owned by Meta that has more than two billion users, appears to be facing an outage, according to users. The outage started around 12.20am PT, according to user complaints.

DownDetector and WaBetaInfo, two web services that track the Facebook app, have confirmed the outage. DownDetector shows that users in the US and India are among the most affected by blackouts. India is the largest market for WhatsApp by users.

The Meta web services status page has not yet acknowledged the WhatsApp outage. TechCrunch has reached out to WhatsApp for comment.

WhatsApp has become an important infrastructure in many markets, used by government officials, telecom service providers and of course billions of people. As of 2020, the service is used for Sending more than 100 billion messages per day, an unparalleled number in the industry.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp used together 60 billion messages were exchanged daily as of early 2016. Apple CEO, Tim Cook He said In May, iMessage and FaceTime were seeing record usage, but they didn’t share specific numbers. The last time Apple shared the number, it was off Behind the use of WhatsApp then (audio notation). WeChat, which has also amassed more than 1 billion users, lags behind in the daily volume of messages as well.

Users see many errors accessing WhatsApp, including the app being unable to connect to the server.

While Facebook is researching the issue, here are some stories to read while your phone is on silent:

(more to follow)

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