Who Shot the Dauphin County Dog in the Face? Police looking for answers, owner

Who Shot the Dauphin County Dog in the Face? Police looking for answers, owner

Susekhana township police are searching for the owner of the dog who was rescued after being shot over the weekend.

A township officer, Timothy Rogers, found the puppy while patrolling around North Front Street near Miller Lane, Rogers Shared on GoFundMe page.

Police said the dog was found around 5.30 am on Saturday and was seriously injured. Rogers named the puppy Rocky and continues to share the dog’s recovery journey through a fundraising page.

Police identified Rocky as a tan pitbull mix and said investigators did not know what happened to him or who owned it.

Rocky is in stable condition and was moved from Shore Veterinary Emergency Center to a rehabilitation facility, Rogers shared Monday.

Police said the dog’s injuries were to his right cheek, right ear and lower chin, and a medical examination showed he was shot.

The initial treatment cost was just under $2000, and Rogers has said that the GoFundMe money would be split between additional care costs and a reward for solving what happened to Rocky. As of Tuesday, GoFundMe had raised $8,190, though Rogers previously said he would close the campaign page for donations.

Information about Rocky’s owner or anyone with knowledge of the shooting should be sent to Detective Corporal Lee A. Tarasi should be contacted at 717-909-9259 or [email protected] with any information. Police said all tips are confidential.

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