Why Experts Love Red Light Therapy Devices and 15 Beauty Editor-Approved Products You Need ASAP

Why Experts Love Red Light Therapy Devices and 15 Beauty Editor-Approved Products You Need ASAP

Real Life: I’m humble possessed with red light therapy devices. My esthetician, Alessandra Cavallero, put me through the power of LED Skin Clearing Therapy, a treatment that I used frequently with her. San Francisco spa.

While the professional investment in my skin was worth it, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend a whopping $1,700 on the same red light therapy device she uses at Spa Bem-Ti-Vi, no matter how visible the results were. So natural, like Best Products beauty editorI had to investigate what makes red light therapy devices so effective, they asked a board-certified dermatologist Ph.D. We are IljasMD, for guidance on how to purchase these game-changing tools.

After reviewing our product recommendations, read on for advice from where Ilyas touches on the science behind it, the benefits and types of red light therapy devices, and how often you can safely use them at home.

The best devices for red light therapy

The science and benefits behind red light therapy

According to Ilyas, who works at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Pennsylvania, the data show that red light therapy can penetrate the skin up to 6 millimeters deep.

Red light therapy treats acne, wound healing, hair regrowth and anti-aging treatments such as plumping fine lines and wrinkles. “It is believed to work by activating signaling pathways between cells. It has not been proven to damage the DNA of cells in the way that UV light does,” says Ilyas.

Types of red light therapy devices

Ilyas’ number one tip is to carefully research your options to ensure they fit your lifestyle, budget and skincare goals. Don’t worry: I’ve carefully vetted each product on this list to bring you only the best red light therapy devices in the game.

LED face mask

A doctor in Pennsylvania suggests purchasing a practical and simple red light therapy device, such as a well-fitting face mask, eg. Ora LED light energy mask and Skin Gym Wrinklit LED mask. However, Ilyas notes that just because one face mask is popular and fits someone well doesn’t mean it’s perfect for yours face. If you’re concerned that a red light therapy device won’t suit your features, look for a face mask with adjustable straps, such as A high-dose red light face mask and MZ Skin LED 2.0 LightMAX Supercharged LED mask.

LED panel

She says options with three panels, like Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy, are easy to use, but not ideal if the kids are running in and out of the room while you’re using it. You can also use a single panel red light therapy device, incl Cell PRO, which provides full coverage of your face as a three-panel option, just with a different aesthetic. No matter which model you choose, panel devices for red light therapy take up a lot of space, so if you live in a small studio, you can opt for the third option:

LED stick

Red light therapy devices like the TikTok-famous SolaWave you have a learning curve to consistently apply the red LED light to the areas you plan to treat, but they are a lot easier to store. Due to their compact size, they are also less expensive than face masks and red light therapy panel devices. For example, the full-size SolaWave Serum Wand costs $169 on Amazon, while the larger and more powerful MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Device for facial treatment is a mask and will set you back an occasional $578.

Other devices for red light therapy

Red light therapy devices also target often neglected areas of the face and body, including CurrentBody Skin LED Neck and Neck Perfector for the neck and décolletage. There is even Omnilux Contour GLOVE for your hands and CurrentBody Skin LED Lip Perfector to improve bloating over time.

Now that you understand what red light therapy is and how to buy these handy tools for home use, check out my guide to the best red light therapy devices on the market. Some of these items have earned photos from trusted skin care experts, while others are devices that caught my eye because they combine function and form. Bonus: Together, these red light therapy devices have earned hundreds of glowing online reviews at readers’ favorite retailers, including Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, and Dermstore.

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