Xbox Series S GPU Slows Cross-Platform Development, Dev Claims

Xbox Series S GPU Slows Cross-Platform Development, Dev Claims

While responding to Gotham Knights frame rate controversy, angered the Rocksteady developer Xbox Series S fans by declaring that multiplatform games are “tightened” by its “potato” GPU. Lee Devonald, Senior Technical Character Artist, took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the type of bottlenecks and limitations developers are facing, and said that one such bottleneck is the Xbox Series S GPU. His Twitter thread quickly turned into a war of words when followers pointed out that a number of games were running at 60fps on the Series S.

Gotham Knights framerate locked at 30fps on consoles

For those who haven’t been following, Gotham Knights is locked at 30 fps on consoles because WB Games, among other things, wants to provide a seamless co-op experience. This led to fans criticizing WB Games, and a number of developers jumped to the studio’s defense. Devonald received that he wants “gamers to understand what 60 fps means in terms of all the things they lose to make a game run that fast, especially considering we have a current-gen console that isn’t much better than the previous generation.” Devonald went on to say that the Xbox Series S is the “lowest performer” and has an entire generation of multiplatform games.

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