11/8 – Forecast for ‘cooler temperatures ahead’ in Brittany on Tuesday evening

11/8 – Forecast for ‘cooler temperatures ahead’ in Brittany on Tuesday evening

For the first time in November, cooler temperatures await! However, they will technically still be above the seasonal average but beginning tonight, they will regress more towards the lows of the 1960s rather than the later nights of the 1960s. Starting tomorrow, and throughout the rest of the work week, our daytime tops will range from the mid-’70s to the ’70s. At the moment we are under the influence of high pressure and this gives us a north/east wind component, which brings a cooler and drier mass of air into our region.

Switch gears to talk about Tropical Storm Nicole. We won’t see any direct impacts from this system but as it advances westward, we’ll start to see an increase in cloud cover and winds. This system will make landfall, likely as a Category 1 hurricane Thursday morning near eastern Central Florida. As Nicole moves across the Florida peninsula on Thursday, a strong upper floor will move toward the Great Lakes region with a long-wave trough extending into SW CONUS. Although Nicole could still move briefly into GOM by late Thursday, this trough would quickly raise the storm toward the northeast and deny Nicole any direct impacts on our region.

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