155 North Wacker in Chicago Announces SmartScore Platinum Certification with Help from Cohesion Smart Building Technology

155 North Wacker in Chicago Announces SmartScore Platinum Certification with Help from Cohesion Smart Building Technology

chicago, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 155 North Wacker SmartScore announces achievement of Platinum certification – the highest level of this worldwide benchmark wiredscore, This achievement ensures that the building is set up to meet the expectations of today’s tenants and is future-proofed to implement tomorrow’s user stories.

“The real estate industry is in a transformative state and those who see the opportunity tend to outperform the competition.”

This is the second building managed by John Buck Company (JBC) to earn this distinction. their chicago Corporate Headquarters, 151 North Franklin, Makes History as the First Building in North America To achieve the highest level in both Wired and SmartScore Platinum in 2021.

“155 North Wacker is a 13-year-old building and may perform better and stand out among any new, ground-up projects in the city,” said nick covello, Chief Information Officer at JBC. “This building is a true demonstration of our commitment to quality and workmanship in creating the smartest, most sustainable, safest, healthiest and highly connected buildings possible. It is a true embodiment of the vision of The John Buck Company.”

Teams from JBC and 155 North Wacker (155) and 151 North Franklin (151) collaborated chicago-Native, WiredScore recognized solution, SolidarityTo ensure that these important certifications are obtained and tracked as easily and efficiently as possible.

“Cohesion is the only SaaS platform that builds long-term resilience through data-driven optimization for both human and system actions,” said Thru Shivakumar, CEO and co-founder of Cohesion. “The real estate industry is in a transformative state and they really shine when they see opportunities rather than owner and operator challenges and beat the competition through data and ESG strategies.”

Cohesion provides state-of-the-art smart building technology that streamlines digital operation and offers parking-to-desk only touchless access control experience within a mobile keycard. With the industry’s largest library of proven integrations, technology aggregates and contextualises data in a unified cloud-based platform, creating invaluable data and insights which are secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. software is designed to be technology-agnostic and customizable to any third-party building systems, sensors and IoT, with the unique ability to scale the entire portfolio.

SmartScore to champion cutting edge technology in real estate global standard, It identifies best-in-class smart buildings that deliver an exceptional user experience, maximize cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability, and are completely future proof. The certification provides clarity on what a smart building is, how to achieve the status, and guidance on the value it adds to your property and ESG commitments. By choosing technology that won’t become obsolete, SmartScore helps avoid costly retrofits down the line.

Over the decades, JBC has included ESG principle throughout its operations to further develop the buildings, neighborhoods and surrounding communities by investing in architecture and technology that supports and attracts tenants while readily adapting to environmental and technological changes. Cohesion is the only smart building technology that comprehensively integrates ESG data per building into automated ESG report For standalone asset to the entire portfolio. Both buildings (151 and 155) receive these reports to make ESG data collection, reporting and disclosure a simple and easy process.

“ESG is a commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and making a greater positive impact on our people,” said Shivakumar. “Doing so in a measurable, sustainable way improves business outcomes and increases asset value.”

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