5 Advanced Add-ons for Gmail Android

5 Advanced Add-ons for Gmail Android

Friends, e-mailers, netizens: Throw me your ears – ‘For my goodness, may I have one look of Gmail’s amazing treasure to share with you today.

It’s a whole system of advanced add-ons that I’m pretty sure I’ve pretty much forgotten about. I know ID I forgot all about it until just the other day, when I was wandering through my inbox (as someone does) and suddenly found myself making a jaw-dropping cartoon expression while giggling gleefully.

And lemme told me: If you’re anywhere near an efficiency obsession like I am, you’re about to make some giggles of your own.

Let me quickly set the stage before we dive in: these additions are part of an official Google Workspace Marketplace I’m pretty sure four people have visited in the last six months. It is home to a series of tools that you can add directly to different Workspace applications and then use them without having to open anything else or interrupt your workflow.

With Gmail, this means you can bring bits of other productivity essentials straight to your inbox and take advantage of the most useful features right then and there.

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