6.5-inch Android phone for $50 at Walmart

6.5-inch Android phone for  at Walmart

6.5-inch Android phone for $50 at Walmart

6.5-inch Android phone for  at Walmart

If you’re sick of unexpected surcharges and poor service from your phone company, Walmart has one of those phone deals You just have to look at it. What it does is pair the Motorola Moto G Pure, which retails for just $50, with the Simple Mobile smartphone service. That’s $10 off the standard $60 price. Plus, with Simple Mobile, you can get phone and data service for $25 a month. Simple Mobile is one of the Best MVNO’s, or a mobile virtual network provider, a type of pay-as-you-go provider that still uses the same networks as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. In other words, this is a really great way to keep yourself for a few months until you’re ready for the great new phone of your dreams.

Why you should buy Motorola Moto G Pure

Moto G Pure has a rear fingerprint sensor.
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With a deal like this, it’s important to look at the context. With this phone and accompanying phone plan, you can cover phone service for the next two months for just $100. This is buying a new phone and getting two months of service for a fraction of the price iPhone 14 Pro lonliness. This is a phone for the rest of us.

Does this mean the Motorola Moto G Pure is a bad phone? not at all. It has a 13MP rear camera, which you don’t sneeze at, and a 6.5-inch full screen with Max Vision HD+ technology. And while it doesn’t have 5G, you probably weren’t expecting it, so 4G should exceed all expectations. With cloud storage options available, 32GB should suit you well, especially if you follow a guide Free up storage space on your Android device. At the end of the day, when looking at a product like this, you are preparing to meet low expectations. However, the Motorola Moto G Pure truly exceeds all expectations when put into context.

To get a $60 phone for only $50, go to Walmart and pick up this deal now. We’re not sure how long this deal will last, but we know that if you’re struggling with phone bills and exhausted with traditional carriers, this could be the breath of fresh air.

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