7 films to prepare you for the appearance of Metaverse

7 films to prepare you for the appearance of Metaverse

7 films to prepare you for the appearance of Metaverse

Metaverse: a buzzword or a paradigm shift? Right now there’s probably a bit of Column A and a bit of Column B. There are definitely companies that are eager to embrace their metaverse strategy (as long as you don’t ask for too many concrete details) because they don’t want to be seen as not having one. Meanwhile, other companies (including Meta, formerly Facebook) are completely inclined when it comes to embracing this new technology.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the metaverse will be a virtual version of the Internet, “in which you are in the experience, not just looking at it.” The company is busy working on everything from digital avatars to VR headsets that can detect and relay your facial expressions.

According to Matthew Ball, author of the book metaverseThe metaverse is “a large-scale, interoperable network of 3D virtual worlds rendered in real time that can be experienced simultaneously and continuously by an unlimited number of users with a single sense of presence, and with data continuity, such as identity, history, and entitlements.” , things, communications, and payments.”

Understood? If you haven’t—or if you’re, like the rest of us, trying to wrap your head around what that might sound like—don’t worry: help is at hand. The term “metaverse” may have originated in Neil Stevenson’s 1992 novel snow crashbut there are plenty of movies out there that can help shed light on what we might be looking forward to with the metaverse.

Whether it’s depictions of necessary technology, images of potential virtual worlds, examples of use cases, or just a look at some of the ethical and technical mysteries we may soon be dealing with, here are seven movies to help you out.

As far as homework preparation goes, this isn’t a bad crash course…

Ready Player One (2018)

Steven Spielberg movie 2018. Ready player one Based on Ernest Klein’s 2011 novel of the same name, it has been called, by a rough guess, 97.3% of articles attempting to explain the metaverse. For good reason, too. By the time the metaverse appeared on most people’s radar — in 2021 when Facebook renamed itself Meta — Ready player one It was a movie inspired by virtual reality and is still present in people’s memories.

in Ready player one, the metaverse situation is called “The Oasis” and, as its name suggests, represents a rare spot of technically induced good in the bleak reality of the story’s protagonist. Reason to include Ready player one Here (other than the fact that it’s good to be aware of the benchmarks everyone else in this space puts in) it’s due to the story’s focus on games as the primary goal of metaverses. Unlike the internet, which only became an essential part of the modern gaming experience later, games are likely to be a huge driver of metaverse technologies from the start.

Today, the closest thing we have to real-world metaphors are their likes Maine CraftAnd the GTA Onlinethe amazing Microsoft Flight Simulator. Given the size of today’s gaming market, and the money it can make, expect gaming companies to play an instrumental role in helping drive the capabilities that will enable a real-time synchronized virtual world. At the moment it is not. But the opportunity to earn billions of dollars in revenue has a funny way of turning things around.

Minority Report (2002)

Minority ReportIncluding it on this list may seem a bit surprising. After all, this is not a movie based on the concept of virtual worlds at all. But there is one key moment that makes it eligible. It’s the scene where Tom Cruise’s character, Boss John Anderton, walks into a futuristic mall, with video screens posting custom ads addressing him by name.

Personalized advertising is of course nothing new in the world of 2022 when it comes to the internet. But they did not extend into the real world to much. This is something that can change the metaverse.

Whether it’s more immersive advertising in virtual worlds (for example, when your 3D avatar roams virtual malls) or augmented ads that place ads in the physical world, it seems clear that targeted advertising will definitely increase exponentially in the metaverse.

amazing recent editorial By a veteran entrepreneur in the field of virtual and augmented reality, he made this case through a call for “universal rights” for future residents of the metaverse. between them? The right to “experimental originality” to protect against this kind of thing. Everything that was useful predicted a return Minority Report. (Which, by the way, was directed by Ready player one Helmer Steven Spielberg.)

She’s also great at showing off mixed reality technology while working.

Disclosure (1994)

When you think of Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Parkthere are possibilities disclosure It’s not among the first headlines that get stuck on your tongue. In fact, he actually appeared during Crichton’s career peak, when previously mentioned Jurassic Park He ruled the box office, his show he is Dominate the waves of television broadcasting, and disclosure Topped the book lists. The film adaptation, starring Michael Douglas, followed in 1994.

While the metaverse isn’t a heavy subject for the book or movie, CEO Douglas attempts to create a collaborative, real-time virtual world that allows users to navigate through databases that are presented as virtual worlds. The reason for making it on this list is that despite the history of much of the film, the overall setup of the hardware was very topical – touches included, Fixed walking platformsvirtual reality glasses facial expression tracking technologyand more.

Also, it’s one of the few examples of virtual worlds in a movie being used for workplace productivity, rather than just entertainment.

The Matrix (1999)

When it comes to science fiction films that have influenced the zeitgeist, the matrix It is safely included somewhere among the top five in cinema history. But while other big hitters, like 2001: space flightAnd the star WarsAnd the Journey to the moonwhich focuses on the twentieth century dream of space travel, the matrix She focused on cyberspace and the idea of ​​simulating virtual worlds.

in the matrix, what appears to be realistic is actually a simulation of the Earth, pacifying humanity that, in effect, act as collective batteries for conscious machines. However, the virtual worlds are also training grounds that allow Neo, Morpheus and their vinyl-clad companions to practice different abilities.

the matrix I helped articulate these two visions of what massive virtual worlds can mean: an opiate for the masses or a limitless world of optimizing and enhancing human potential. The metaverse can be either. We think it depends on taking the red or blue pill.

Total recall (1990)

90s Total Recall, based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, tells the story of a construction worker who is, in essence, taking time off from himself: a visit to a neurotech company that promises to implant exciting false memories in his brain, as the protagonist sees himself as a spy visiting Mars. For our money, the results are one of the best films in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back catalog.

While the idea of ​​false memories differs from virtual worlds, there is no doubt that a compelling use case for metaverses would be to allow people to command an alternate parallel existence in large-scale virtual worlds populated by a large number of other people. We’ve already seen a version of this with MMORPGs and high-earning games like GTA V in the real world. But that won’t grow any further in the metaverse – especially when you start thinking about VR at scale and being able to make a living for yourself inside virtual worlds.

It is no coincidence that some of the pioneers of the metaverse checked the names Total Recall As a source of inspiration in interviews.

Avatar (2009)

Two years before the record-breaking James Cameron movie symbol picture It was released, and a group called the Foundation for Accelerated Studies published a report on the progress of the curve titled Metaverse roadmapoutlining what the 3D internet will look like in the distant future year, Err, 2016.

While talk of the metaverse has certainly escalated in the past couple of years, symbol picture We arrived at an interesting time in technology history when, as the metaverse roadmap report makes clear, ideas on the topic began to swell. second life He was, at the time, making waves as a metaphor of some sort, while the newly launched Google Street View program showed us that digitally recreating the world—and then being able to move around it at will—was feasible.

symbol pictureThe plot, in which humans remotely operate alien Na’vi objects on a distant planet, is linked to many of these circulating ideas. It gave them a future spin, of course, but the topic of virtual avatars would only grow in prominence in later years. And while Cameron’s film did not create the term “avatar,” he certainly introduced its current use to a much wider audience.

Free Jay (2021)

As a relatively lightweight comedy that looks at the metaverse through positive, rosy eyes, Visually impressive free man The palette cleaner on this list is more than a serious lesson in how the metaverse works.

But if Mark Zuckerberg and others like him can virtually give us Ryan Reynolds to hang out with, we can only wish them luck in their convergent ambitions…

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