A new $9 million roller coaster is coming to Playland

A new  million roller coaster is coming to Playland

A new $9 million roller coaster is coming to Playland

A new $9 million ride is coming to Playland and it’s being called “Canada’s fastest launch.”

The Pacific National Exhibition made the announcement on Friday, saying the multi-million dollar ride will “feature an opening tunnel, 18-metre first drop, aerial hills, propellers and sweeping turns that make the experience unlike anything else in the country”.

The name and theme of the walk are still being worked on and will be shared in the coming months.

“This is an incredibly exciting day,” PNE President and CEO Shelley Frost said in a news release.

“Despite the financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, PNE has shown its resilience and innovation to not only survive the pandemic, but to navigate our business through it to invest in this spectacular ride and to be a place to invest in Playland’s future.”

The new launch coaster is being designed and built by renowned Italian designer Zamperla and will occupy the previous location of the retired Corkscrew Coaster.

Last summer, PNE added the Skybender ride to its fleet, which was also built by Zamperla.

Construction on the new ride will begin in 2023, and it is expected to open at Playland in 2024.

“This ride will be the fastest of its kind in North America. It will span over 1,200 feet and climb and descend nearly six stories with airspeed, thrills and twists and turns,” said Frost.

“It’s going to be a very exciting experience that’s different, but complementary to our current mix of Wooden Coasters and attractions.”

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