A new triple chairlift is coming soon to Searchmont Resort

A new triple chairlift is coming soon to Searchmont Resort

The resort hopes to have the new main lift up and running in time for the Christmas holidays

Searchmont Resort will have a new triple chairlift on the main hill when the ski season starts this year.

The resort shared the news in a statement posted on its website, noting that the main triple lift should be up and running in time for night skiing during the Christmas holidays.

Full details of the new triple lift are detailed in the Searchmont Resort release:

Introducing Searchmont Resort’s new premier triple chairlift! We’ve been dying to share an update on the boss and now it’s finally time to share some good news, a long overdue update. So there you have it…the main is almost ready for the 2022-2023 season! We have a couple of things to do before that happens and to be completely transparent with everyone we will share our next steps and expected timeline.

The elevator mechanics are being finished this week. The development and shipping of the parts has taken longer than expected (these were originally expected in March), but we now have all the necessary parts to get the main up and running. The bull wheel and housing unit are already in place.

Next up is the cable splicing scheduled for next week. After that is to pass the admissions test, which we hope to do before Christmas (preferably early December).

If this all goes well, we’ll have a new and improved boss, with a brand new driving station during the Christmas break (yes, with night skiing!) and the rest of the season.

Our plan is to open soon with the Buzzsaw (and hopefully Goulais) and soon after that to open the rest of the hill with the main and the quads.

We are 100 percent excited to be back! Stay tuned Stay tuned for more updates and an opening day announcement coming soon!

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