ACRM of 2022. Helios will showcase innovative PoNS device in

ACRM of 2022.  Helios will showcase innovative PoNS device in

ACRM of 2022. Helios will showcase innovative PoNS device in

NEWTOWN, Pa., November 03, 2022 (Globe Newswire) — Helios Medical Technologies (NASDAQ:HSDT) will showcase its innovative new Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS®) at Annual American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) conference, held November 8-11 in Chicago. Visitors to Booth 512 will see the device and learn more about how it can be Improving gait deficits in people with multiple sclerosis (MS),

PoNS works by delivering electrical impulses through nerve fibers on the tongue, driving the flow of millions of nerve impulses to the brain structures that control gait. This creates a cascade of activity in the brain – when combined with an exercise regimen supervised by a physical therapist – producing a neuromodulatory and neuroplastic effect that can have a significant impact on the independence and personal productivity of people with MS. (The results of this study can be found here:,

“ACRM is committed to helping people live their lives to the fullest by improving, expanding and reclaiming mobility, and we are excited to be performing at the conference as we share similar goals,” said Antonella Fewitt-Van. Pelt, MD, PhD, said. ., Chief Medical Officer of Helios. “PONS addresses a complication that is very important for people with MS: 70% of them reported having difficulty walking, and 70% of that group reported gait as the most challenging aspect of their disease. deficiencies have been identified.”

In addition to seeing the PONS device in person, booth visitors can speak with key Helios team members, who can answer questions about PONS and the accompanying PONS therapy that maximizes its effectiveness. Physical therapists will also be able to sign up online for free PoNS Therapy Training,

“Rehabilitation professionals who work with people with MS, or are interested in the relationship between neuromodulation and gait, are invited to visit us at Booth 512,” Favitt-Van Pelt said. “But this is just an opportunity to see and talk to the device, it’s an opportunity to take action: Physical therapists are making themselves even more invaluable to their patients with MS by signing up for training.”

Helios Medical Technologies, Inc. about
Helios Medical Technologies is a leading neurotech company in the medical device sector, focusing on neurological deficits using non-implantable platform technologies to compensate for neuroplasticity, improving the lives of people coping with neurological diseases. and enhances the brain’s ability to boost. The company’s first commercial product is the Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS®). visit for more information,

About PoNS Devices and PoNS Therapy
The Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PONS) is an innovative non-surgical medical device, consisting of a controller and mouthpiece, that delivers electrical stimulation to the surface of the tongue to improve balance and gait. The PoNS device is indicated for use in the United States as a short-term treatment of decreased walking due to mild to moderate symptoms from multiple sclerosis (“MS”) and as an adjunct to a supervised therapeutic exercise program. to be used in. By prescription only in patients aged 22 years and over. Helios is advancing PONS post-approval research in MS through the recently launched Therapeutic Experience Program (TEP), designed to partner with neurologists and neurorehabilitation therapists in 10-12 US Centers of Excellence who expressed interest in becoming an “early adopter” of PONS therapy. , visit for more information,

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