AEW suggests that “Fight Forever” will not be included in Xbox Game Pass

AEW suggests that “Fight Forever” will not be included in Xbox Game Pass

Rumor: AEW: Fight Forever to launch day one on Xbox Game Pass

Modernization: Well, we have a little bad news to share…

AEW Games responded to the rumors that AEW: Fight Forever It will be included with Xbox Game Pass at launch, stating that “we do not expect AEW: Fight Forever to be part of any games monthly subscription services.”

You can check out the full statement below:

The internet is full of hype about AEW: Forever Fight but Tweet embed It is the official source for all news and information related to AEW: Fight Forever. Wait a minute for a new and exclusive AEW: Fight Forever update next Saturday, November 19th during AEW Full Gear 2022!

This also seems like a good time to share that we don’t expect AEW: Fight Forever to be part of any gaming monthly subscription services.”

Original story: We were looking forward to the version AEW: Fight Forever For a long time now, we’re even more excited today as multiple sources have reported that the game could be released on day one on Xbox Game Pass!

The original report came from Matt Black at Russell Zone, who stated that “many sources” had told him about Game Pass’s launch plans. freelance journalist Mike Straw I also mentioned the same thing later in the day.

Here is the official description of the game:

Developed by YUKE, AEW: Fight Forever combines nostalgic arcade wrestling with the action of All Elite Wrestling. Featuring a huge roster of AEW talents, multiple match types, a powerful career mode, tons of customization options, over 40 weapons, and so much more!

The footage we’ve seen in AEW: Fight Forever so far indicates that it will serve as a spiritual successor to the superstar. WWF No Mercy On the Nintendo 64, with Gamescom Early Play 2022 It certainly looks very promising.

However, we still don’t have a confirmed release date for AEW’s first major video game yet, and it seems possible that cover star CM Punk will need to be replaced before launch, as recent rumors suggest he may not be returning to the game. The company after a post-event brawl at the AEW All Out 2022 event in September.

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