All Pokémon Go Dratini Community Day Classic missions and rewards for special research

All Pokémon Go Dratini Community Day Classic missions and rewards for special research

The Factory Classic continues to roll, as Niantic is bringing back the Community Day Classic in a big way to help end the Light season in Pokemon Go. This time, players will encounter an increasing number of Dratini, giving them plenty of opportunities to train the young Dragon on the formidable Dragonite before the event ends.

Just as with most Community Day events, players will also have an increased chance to take on Shiny Dratini along with bonus rewards like Triple Catch Stardust and Lure Modules or Incense that are activated during the three-hour event.

Any Dratini or Dragonair that is upgraded to Dragonite during the event will also be known as the Charged Attack Draco Meteor.

Along with these rewards, players can complete an exclusive Field Research or purchase a $1 ticket from the in-game store to access the Special Quest Story: Dratini Community Day Classic for additional rewards. Below are all the quests and rewards that apply to both paths.

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Community Day Ticket Search

Classic Dratini Community Day front page

  • Play Pokemon 10 times
  • Caught 15 Dratini
  • Make five nice throws

Total Rewards: 2000 Stardust, Drattini Meet, and 1 Incense

Classic Dratini Community Day Page Two

  • Caught 15 Dratini
  • Move 10 Pokemon
  • Evolve three dracaena

Total Rewards: 1500 XP, a Dratini encounter, and 1 lure unit

Classic Dratini Society Day Page 3

  • Make three great bungee throws
  • Dragon Air One Evolves
  • Move 10 Pokemon

Total Rewards: 2500 XP, 1 missile radar, 15 super balls

Dratini Classic Community Day Page 4

  • Claim bonus
  • Claim bonus
  • Claim bonus

Total Rewards: 3000 Stardust, Dragonite, 3 Rare Candy

Exclusive field research for the event

  • Catch three Dratini
    • Dratini meeting
    • Five big balls
    • One Golden Raz Berry
    • two ultra balls
    • Two Pinap Berry
    • 500 stardust

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