AMD NAVI 31 . GPU Filmed

AMD NAVI 31 . GPU Filmed

AMD NAVI 31 . GPU Filmed


Angistronomy An exclusive first look at the Navi 31 GPU.

This is the supposed RDNA3 GPU for the upcoming AMD Radeon series. The killer shot is leaking just hours away from the official presentation of the Radeon RX 7000 series based on this new build.

AMD NAVI 31 . GPU Filmed

AMD Navi 31 GPU, Source: Angstronomics

The image shows a new electronic chip design that includes one GCD and six MCDs. The site has already provided estimated sizes, possibly based on this particular image. It is estimated that the GPU containing all the chips can measure around 533 mm², but the package size is 55 x 47.5 mm (2612 mm²).

The Navi 31 GPU codenamed “Plum Bonito” has made several appearances over the past year in many leaks and rumors. This is a 5nm GPU with up to 12,288 stream processors and 96MB of Infinity cache. This graphics processor is said to support a 384-bit memory bus and capacities up to 24GB of GDDR6 20Gbps for the Radeon RX 7900 XTX.

The AMD Radeon RX 7000 series will be revealed later today. The company will present its high-end series based on Navi 31 GPU with Navi 32 and 33 expected to appear later.

Rumored Specifications for AMD NAVI 3X (RDNA3) GPUs
Names “Bloom Bonito” “wheat people” “Hotpink Bonefish”
manufacturing knot TSMC 5 nm + 6 nm TSMC 5 nm + 6 nm TSMC 6 nm
general engineering AMD RDNA3 AMD RDNA3 AMD RDNA3
GPU Package Multi Chip Module (MCM) Multi Chip Module (MCM) congener
Chiplet composition 1x GCD + 6x MCD 1x GCD + 4x MCD
GCD volume ~ 308 mm² ~200 mm²
MCD 6x ~ 37.5 mm² 4x ~ 37.5 mm²
Full GPU ~ 533 mm² ~ 350 mm² ~203 mm²
Shader Engines 6 3 2
matrices shader 12 6 4
RDNA Working Groups (WGP) 48 30 16
Arithmetic units 96 60 32
stream processors 12288 7680 4096
memory and bus GDDR6 384 bit GDDR6 256 bit GDDR6 128 bit
Memory bandwidth 864 Gbps (18 Gbps) 576 Gbps (18 Gbps) 288 Gbps (18 Gbps)
Infiniti cash 96 MB (0-hi) 64 MB (0-hi) 32 MB
PCIe interface PCIe Gen5 PCIe Gen5 PCIe Gen5
Release Fourth Quarter 2022 2023 TBC
SKU . rumored Radeon RX 7900 XTX Radeon RX 7800XT Radeon RX 7600XT

source: Angistronomy

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