An Apple employee told me how they deal with angry iPhone buyers

An Apple employee told me how they deal with angry iPhone buyers

I was doing an important job that didn’t quite turn out as I planned.

Marginally annoyed, I went for a spin around the mall and there was an Apple Store.

The last time I went to one, Nobody will talk to me. Well, nobody worked at Apple, that is.

So I got into this to see if things changed. Oh, and to check out, just once again, the Midnight M2 MacBook Air. Just in case I get tempted and the store might have some in stock.

Miraculously, a sales rep came quickly and asked if I needed help. The answer is always yes, even if I’m not in a store.

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So we talked a little bit about midnight weather before we moved on to other topics.

I asked her a question I had asked phone shop employees before: “How do you deal with difficult customers?”

She replied, “I have a lot of patience.”

“Where did you get that from?” I wonder.

Before I worked here.

She explained that she worked in a completely different field where she met a lot of older people.

She meant older, she thought, but she waved her arm toward the rest of the shop and added, “See what kind of customers we’re getting here?”

It was a weekday afternoon and there were already many customers of advanced years in the store.

“Older people can be grumpy,” she continued.

“You tell me,” I agreed, hoping to say I didn’t look that old. (you did not).

“We get older customers looking at new iPhones and getting upset because Apple changed something. They say things like, ‘Why did they do that?'” “It was just fine,” she said. “That’s when I’m patient, but I’m straight with them.”

“Do you get mean?” I wonder.

She said “no”. “I just say, well, ‘You’re just afraid of change and I’m here to help you get through it.'” You will learn something new. “

I can imagine this might be disarming. A younger person may be so sweet, yet tell you an inner psychological truth, a strange caring trauma.

She said it works. They are grateful for both the attention and the frank talk.

“But we have a lot of old people here who know everything, I mean everything, about phones,” she added.

“How does that make you feel?” I wonder.

“Like a lot of people in their 80s and 90s who put it together, it makes me feel good,” she said.

For many companies, phone stores seem to be less of a priority. They want people to buy online. They may even want to close their stores.

However, more often than not, the likes of Apple and Best Buy still offer some level of customer service — physical customer service — that definitely makes a difference to their brand and their own offerings.

Recently, David Simon, Chairman, President and CEO of Simon Malls — three tough jobs, those — insist on that “the physical retailer is strong and e-commerce is intertwined”.

He may, of course, wrestle with objectivity.

However, I do wonder if genuine customer service really adds up to certain types of tech products — ones that are personal rather than cheap, for example.

It’s a rarity these days, actual customer service.

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