Apple Insider doubts new 8P iPhone 15 camera lens

Apple Insider doubts new 8P iPhone 15 camera lens

iPhone 15 leaks already revealed several sexy design And the performance development Coming to next-generation Apple smartphones. But it seems that the big one is not.

after leakage iPhone 15 specifications are multiple Last week, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo dropped talk of a major one: an upgraded eight-element (8P) primary camera. This raises doubts about further upgrades in the infusion.

Kuo responded to a leak by fellow analyst TrendForce, claiming that the 8P lens is coming to iPhone 15 models, along with a new periscope lens exclusively for the flagship Pro Max/Ultra model, a move to 8GB of RAM and an “all-in-one” move to USB – c. but ko He said He believes that “the rumored iPhone 15 Pro series adoption of the 8P lens will likely not materialize.”

Kuo did not respond to requests from nearly 100,000 Twitter followers for comment on other aspects of the TrendForce leak. However, due to its excellent track record, it makes TrendForce information questionable.

So what does an 8P lens do? In short, increasing the number of elements in the lens allows the use of wider apertures. In contrast, wider apertures increase the amount of light that can be collected when taking a photo or shooting a video, and the more light, the better the end result. The downside is that more elements mean more complexity, and Apple only moved to the 7P lens with the iPhone 14 Pro models.

However, with Apple broadly inclined to offer a new flagship iPhone 15 Ultra that widens the gap to the iPhone 15 Pro, offering a superior primary camera to this model made a lot of sense.

On the flip side, Kuo has been wrong before, and the iPhone 15 lineup still tends to bring in more innovation than has been seen in recent years, including Dual front cameras and Titanium structure For Pro / Ultra models, the Remove the volume and power buttons for capacitive alternatives (codenamed “Bongo”) and the switch to USB-C.

All of these upgrades are expected to increase rates but span the carrier’s 2-3 year contract length which is likely to do less damage than another year of Disappointing basic models.

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