Apple iPhone V: a functional foldable iPhone presented in a clamshell shape

Apple iPhone V: a functional foldable iPhone presented in a clamshell shape

Last week, Samsung executives a statement They predicted that Apple would enter the foldable smartphone market by 2024, with existing supply chain capabilities purported only to be sufficient to meet them. Galaxy Z Fold 4 And the Galaxy Z Flip 4 shipments. In the meantime, an account on Bilibili He created a homemade foldable iPhone, dubbed the iPhone V, from the guts of the iPhone and several foldable smartphones.

Specifically, the project used Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr parts to create a Frankenstein-like foldable iPhone Galaxy Z Flip 4. Not surprisingly, the result is a little rough around the edges, with a 3D-printed case that barely has a foldable screen. Likewise, the unit is thicker than current foldable units and has more empty spaces inside than a retail unit.

However, the project shows how a clamshell iPhone could work in theory. Apple is supposed to add a display of some sort, if it has to bring a foldable clamshell to market. Likewise, we doubt that it will improve iOS for a foldable screen, as happened recently with the dual-hole panels in iPhone 14 Pro And the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen in what capacity Apple adopts foldable display technology. As it stands, analysts expect a file version Foldable iPad firstalthough there are rumors about a MacBook with an extension 20 inch foldable screenvery.

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