Apple lowers trade-in values ​​for iPhones and more

Apple lowers trade-in values ​​for iPhones and more

Apple lowers trade-in values ​​for iPhones and more

For at least the third time this year, Apple has lowered exchange values ​​for its various products.

This means that if you’re shopping at Apple this holiday season and plan to turn in your old device for a new one, the credit you receive will be less than if you had done so before November 10.

Apple comparison Trade web page in the current With an archived release, we see some very significant changes to peak trade values ​​across its product portfolio.

For iPhones, the exchange value largely depends on the model, storage size, and condition. For example, as of Wednesday, the maximum exchange value for the iPhone 13 Pro Max was $720, but it has been reduced to $650.

The maximum trade-in value of the iPhone 13 Pro has also decreased by $50, from $600 to $550, while trading the iPhone 13 will bring you up to $450, down from $470.

In terms of slightly older devices, the iPhone 12 Pro used to get you as low as $430, while that’s been reduced to $400, while the iPhone 11 Pro now saves you up to $250, down from $300.

Several phones have kept the replacement value, including two retired iPhone Minis (12 and 13), which continue to fetch up to $250 and $380, respectively. The iPhone SE 2 also continues to fetch up to $100.

Looking at some of its other products, we see that anyone trading an iPad Pro will now get as much as $445, down from $500. The maximum trade-in value has been reduced for the iPad Air by $15 to $230, the iPad from $35 to $160, and the iPad Mini from $15 to $240.

Computers have also hit, for example, the MacBook Pro’s maximum trade-in value is now $630, down from $850, and the iMac is up to $530 when it was $680.

Even the tiny Apple Watch doesn’t escape the barter sale. For example, having an Apple Watch Series 6 delivered will net you $105, down from $125, while the SE has a maximum exchange value of $70, which is a decrease of $5. Apple Watch Series 7 remains unchanged at up to $155.

It’s normal for Apple to take this kind of action, but the timing may upset some customers who recently budgeted to buy Apple through a barter as part of the deal, especially as we head into the holiday season when personal finances are possible. taut.

Of course, you don’t have to replace your phone with Apple. In fact, taking another route is more likely to lead to a better deal. Digital Trends has some excellent advice To sell your iPhone, though, the advice can easily be applied to other gadgets as well.

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