Apple may make it harder to airdrop cat memes into random strangers next year

Apple may make it harder to airdrop cat memes into random strangers next year

Apple may limit everyone’s visibility via AirDrop to just 10 minutes at a time next year. This change has already been rolled out in China.

Apple is notorious for not supporting devices that they don’t build properly. One notable example is Bluetooth file sharing. More than a decade ago, as a Android phone user back then, there was no easy way for me to share files with Iphone Her. At the time, many of us relied on this technology to transmit images and audio tracks, as data plans were not fast, convenient, or affordable. Eventually, we started turning to Wi-Fi Direct – which provided significantly faster transfer speeds for those in your immediate vicinity. Apple could easily have implemented the same compatibility with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct on iPhones. However, it has built its own convenience standard that only works across its products – AirDrop.

Apple AirDrop is available across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. The company offers users three vision options to choose from – The receiptAnd the Contacts onlyAnd the everybody. Their labels are self-explanatory, and users get to decide who sends them the content. Of course, the sender and receiver must be in close proximity. In addition, the last user must agree to the pop-up prompt when someone tries to share a file with them.

Although receivers have the option to reject incoming AirDrops, this technology has been abused to send nude photos, memes, and even threats. Meanwhile, some protesters in China have relied on her to share anti-government statements. iOS 16.1.1 limit everybody See AirDrop for only 10 minutes in China. After 10 minutes, iOS automatically reverts to a file Contacts only Vision.

according to BloombergApple may roll out this change globally next year. In this case, it will be difficult to transfer AirDrop files to random strangers in public places. Unless someone manually enables it everybody Every 10 minutes, they will be invisible to strangers within a short period of time.

Personally, I don’t like this change. Those who often receive annoying or unwanted content from strangers can always restrict the feature to Contacts only. Just a week ago, I randomly received a photo of a cat in a crowded yard via AirDrop. When I checked her metadata, it turned out that the photo had been taken in another city. I find it fascinating how this image went from place to place until it finally got to me. While I don’t randomly receive AirDrop photos of strangers, it was fun receiving random content from people I don’t even recognize.

Do you accept AirDrop from a random stranger? Why and why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

source: Bloomberg

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