Apple TV app now hides ‘Up Next’ row

Apple TV app now hides ‘Up Next’ row

Apple TV app now hides ‘Up Next’ row

The Apple TV app takes a page from the directory of other streaming services and pushes “premium” content on top of the most useful “next” compilation. With a change rolling out starting today, the first thing you’ll see when you open the TV app is a row dedicated to “premium” content…

This new custom row for ‘Featured’ content replaces the new previous top-level row for ‘Next’. The Up Next row collects the following episodes of TV shows that you watch from any app that integrates with the TV app, which is basically any streaming service app other than Netflix.

This change appears to be a server-side update, although the majority of users who notice the change are currently running tvOS 16.2 beta. It was redesign First spotted by John MaddoxHe is an outstanding creator Live TV Channels, Live Broadcasting and DVR Apps.

This change matches what many other streaming services have done, Like Netflix and Hulu. These streaming services have made it clear that taking “premium” content to the top level helps users discover new content they might not otherwise know about.

Of course, it also helps these companies increase engagement by asking them to scroll down to view the content they actually want to continue watching.

This is a disappointing change since the Apple TV app was one of the last streaming service apps that already prioritized helping you find the content you actually want to watch. Ideally, Apple could add a dedicated “Up Next” tab which made it easy to find everything in one place, but that seems unlikely even today.

What do you think of this change? Would you rather have the ‘next’ row at the top, or this new ‘highlighted’ row instead? Let us know in the comments.

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Apple TV app now hides ‘Up Next’ row

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