Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro (2022) is on sale with a Black Friday discount of up to $105

Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro (2022) is on sale with a Black Friday discount of up to $105

For a fast duo of tablets with an insanely powerful processor under the hood and quite possibly the biggest full-size screens in the industry right now, AppleThe latest 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros have certainly received many discounts in one very narrow time window.

Of course, we’re not talking about super-deep price cuts here, but given how insanely expensive these bad boys can get in some of their more advanced configurations, you can probably appreciate any small opportunity to save a few bucks without jumping.

Officially unveiled and released to the market just last month, the Apple M2 powered iPad Pro 11 (2022) surprisingly sold at new record high discounts from Amazon for Black Friday in several different versions.

While the highest current value ($105) is predictably available on an obscenely priced 11-inch flagship with onboard cellular connectivity and an impressive 2TB of internal storage, you can also shave a great deal $100 off list price of $999. a 5G-enabled space gray model with just 128 gigs of local digital gathering room.

Then you have a silver-plated 1TB variant with built-in cellular capabilities that fetch $85 less than usual, while the 256 and 512GB storage configurations are discounted at the time of this writing to an unprecedented $55 and $65 respectively with support 5G in tow.
Wi-Fi only iPad Pro 11-inch (2022) it’s on sale at slightly more modest but still pretty good discounts, ranging from $40 to $95 depending on how much space you need to store all your remote work and mobile fun stuff.
Granted, these may not look like the best Black Friday iPad Deals available this year (because they probably aren’t), but if you can’t afford it the newest giant 12.9-in or you don’t need all that screen real estate, that’s almost certainly the case ofThe best iPad for you and it is definitely better to save… something than nothing.

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