Arshad Sharif’s phone, iPad ‘missing’ from crime scene – Pakistan

Arshad Sharif’s phone, iPad ‘missing’ from crime scene – Pakistan

Kenyan media reports that two key evidence, including a mobile phone and tablet, belonging to journalist Arshad Sharif, have disappeared from the crime scene.

Approximately 20 days after “Killing” Mr. SharifThe police have not made a breakthrough yet as they are still searching for the missing tools from the scene, Kenyan newspaper the star mentioned.

The report said a team of Pakistani investigators – comprising FIA Director Athar Waheed and Deputy Director General Omar Shahid Hamid – were sent to investigate the murder and also questioned the timing of the disappearance of the devices, which they believe may have been stolen when Mr Sharif was shot. .

So far, police have established that Mr. Sharif arrived in Kenya on August 20 on a visa sponsored by Waqar and Khurram Ahmed, the two brothers who hosted him. The latter was accompanied by Mr. Sharif in the car when he was shot.

TV channels claim that the autopsy revealed signs that a journalist had been ‘tortured’

The Pakistani team of investigators sought to find the names and contacts of trainers who were present at the shooting range when Mr. Sharif was there, according to the Kenyan news channel. his mom. Following the request, the Kenyan government asked the two brothers to share details of those present at the shooting range that night.

while, geo newsQuoting a Kenyan government official, he reported that about 10 US trainers and trainees were present at the site. In his statement to the team, Mr. Waqar said that he only met Mr. Sharif once before inviting him to dinner at the shooting range, according to his mom Report.

“After the meal, Arshad Sharif left with my brother Khurram in the car, and half an hour later, a report of gunfire was received,” he said.

The two brothers also told investigators that Mr Sharif wanted to move permanently to Kenya with his family and even extended his visa, according to his mom.

In her interview with NationSharif’s wife, Javiria Siddik, said she had asked her husband to leave Kenya and seek political asylum in another country because she did not think the situation was safe. She also said that her family was planning to take the case to the International Court of Justice because the governments of Pakistan and Kenya would “never provide them with justice”.

On Tuesday, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said Mr. Sharif had been killed in a targeted attack, rejecting Kenyan police allegations that his killing was the result of a “misidentification”.

Also on Wednesday, several TV channels alleged that Mr. Sharif was brutally tortured and shot at close range after he was asked to get out of his car.

The news broadcast showed pictures that allegedly showed traces of bullets and signs of torture on the body, claiming that the autopsy mentioned signs of torture. In response to these allegations, the movement’s leader Fouad Chaudhry said that the government’s position has been proven wrong.

“The [alleged] Signs of torture on Arshad Sharif invalidate the Pakistani government’s position that he was killed due to mistaken identification.”

Posted in Dawn, November 10, 2022

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