Awesome update! iOS 16.2 is set to change your iPhone in many ways; Check out the top 5

Awesome update!  iOS 16.2 is set to change your iPhone in many ways;  Check out the top 5

Awesome update! iOS 16.2 is set to change your iPhone in many ways; Check out the top 5

iOS 16.2 is expected to bring major changes to your iPhone. From a new Apple app, better control over Siri, and more.

Apple released iOS 16 in September 2022 and since then various updates have been released, either to add new features or to correct bugs and other issues. After the release of iOS 16, the company released its first iOS 16.1 update on October 24 with several changes. Also, just a day later, the first beta version of iOS 16.2 came out. Although it is not yet known when Apple will release this update to iPhone users, iOS 16.2 is said to bring major changes to iPhone including a new Apple app and more.

“Apple’s next big software update includes an all-new update apple App, TV App Controversial Change, Better Siri Control, Improved Shortcuts App, Interesting Safari upgrades and more,” a report advertiser. Here are some of the major updates iOS 16.2 can bring to your iPhone, according to the report.

1. Free application: The new Freeform app is a productivity tool that iPhone users can use to add notes, shapes, files, links, scans, photos, videos, audio, typed text, and more. Users will also be able to plan projects, brainstorm ideas, create inspiration boards, and more using the app.

2. Changes to Siri: The iOS 16.2 update is said to bring Siri’s favorite silent replies feature back. According to the exact conditions in Settings -> siri & Search -> siri responses, siri Gadget Hacks said in the report that respond silently with this option enabled, “except when you appear to be driving or using your headphones with the screen off.”

3. Shortcut actions for lock screen: The iOS 16.2 update will bring shortcut actions to lock screen including lock screen wallpapers and set background image.

4. Update to Game Center Widgets: according to ReportAlthough there are still three Playing widgets for Game Center’s Continue Playing feature on the Home screen and Today View, the three Friends are Playing widgets available on iOS 16.1 and earlier are now called Activity on iOS 16.2, and they work slightly differently. The game will still open if you register their name or icon in the widget, but there’s a few other things going on in the new version.” You’ll have to click on Activity to open a new full-screen Game Center overlay window with more activity details and then click on a party’s name Connect to open their profile in the same overlay window. Closing either window will return you to the tool.

5. Spotlight Direct Activities: The iOS 16.2 update will allow you to start live activities directly from Spotlight Search.

Other than the above-mentioned updates, iOS 16.2 can fetch city-related weather news; minute-by-minute weather forecast data; More abbreviations for books; sleep widgets for lock screen; Autoplay previews in the TV app, and more.

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