Back then, Street Fighter had infinite one-button combination

Back then, Street Fighter had infinite one-button combination

Back then, Street Fighter had infinite one-button combination

Infinite combos find their way into all different types of fighting games, usually stemming from the unintended behavior of an attack or movement that appears when certain distances or criteria in a match are met. The Street Fighter series is no stranger to infinities, with one of the latest examples of Street Fighter 5 Dan’s Gadoken loop eventually patched up by adding a random pink fireball hitting the opponent.

One thing these endless combos often have in common is that they require precise input and strict withdrawal timing, but there was a point in time where such a combo existed in Street Fighter and it only used one button. Content creator with the name scoop scoop I recently put together a video that highlights this interesting piece of Street Fighter history and explains what it is and how to do it.

This infinite button is found again in the initial iteration of the Street Fighter 3 series. In Street Fighter 3: New Generation, released in 1997, one of the new faces of the game had the ability to match his opponent infinitely using a powerful kick over and over again.

The famous ninja Ibuki can trap her opponents in this endless matchmaking, and she has three ways to go to her. As ScoopScoop explains, using a heavy kick as an anti-air, landing a sweep target group, or hitting them with Super Art 3 will all lead to infinity.

The trick is to hit her powerful kick standing close and time it correctly so that both hits land in attack. If done correctly, the opponent will fly high enough in the air for Ibuki to take a small step forward and hit the normal attack again, rinse and repeat until her opponent is completely shocked or knocked out.

In general, this infinite works best when the opponent is cornered, but using this slight forward move allows Ibuki to hit them when they are elsewhere on the screen.

It’s funny that we saw fighting game legend Justin Wong use this endless Ibuki in one of his recent Street Fighter 3 videos. As you can see below, JWong manages to start the infinite out of the corner, but with the right execution is able to push his opponent into the corner before KO-ing them.

Being the first entry in the series, Street Fighter 3: New Generation is not played competitively these days. Its latest version, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, is the third-generation tournament standard, but that being said, this one infinity button is definitely an interesting Street Fighter fact that you should know.

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