Bad security flaw shows Galaxy phones can be more secure than Google Pixels

Bad security flaw shows Galaxy phones can be more secure than Google Pixels

Samsung security patches usually come with dozens of fixes for vulnerabilities related to Google’s Android operating system and Samsung’s own software, be it One UI or other components unique to Galaxy devices. It is interesting that the file November 2022 Security Patch He fixed an Android security vulnerability that has been plaguing Google’s Pixel phones for a good few months. But even though this fix was mentioned in November by Samsung bulletinGalaxy device users don’t have to worry.

The so-called weakness CVE-2022-20465Allows anyone with an additional SIM to bypass the Pixel 5 or Pixel 6’s screen lock (at least) and unlock those phones. In fact, it was a complete lock screen bypass that does not require any third-party tools (except for a regular SIM card) or advanced hacking skills.

as it seems from The Pixel owner who found the problem In the video below, anyone with an additional SIM can unlock their Pixel phone by simply swapping the card, entering the wrong PIN three times, entering the correct PUK code, and then setting up a new PIN.

It seems that bypassing the lock screen was not a problem for Galaxy phones

Although this massive security flaw was around for several months before Google dealt with it on Pixel phones with the November 2022 patch, it apparently wasn’t an issue for Galaxy phones. Yes, Samsung lists the vulnerability in its November 2022 bulletin, but even before this fix was released, Galaxy phones were apparently safe from this egregious lock screen bypass flaw.

Android’s open source commitments show that the problem is deeply rooted in the Android operating system and the way the operating system deals with so-called “security screens”, whether it’s PIN entry screens, password screens, fingerprint screens, etc. This seems to be the reason why it took Google a good few months to address the issue of Pixel phones, but it also shows that sometimes, Samsung phones are more secure than Google devices, thanks to the Korean tech giant’s Android architecture and ownership. software.

On the bright side, Samsung Hardware seems to be more secure than pixels, at least in this case. Then again, discovering this flaw resulted in a $70,000 reward for the person who helped Google. Had he used a Galaxy device, it is possible that he remained unaware of the vulnerability and did not receive the $70,000 reward.

Anyway, if you want to be absolutely sure that your Galaxy device cannot be unlocked easily through this exploit, then you should download and install the November 2022 security patch on your Samsung phone as soon as it becomes available. So far, it has been released for multiple devicesIncluding the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and 4, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and 4, and the Galaxy Note 20 series unlocked in the US, with more to come.

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