Best skills and armor for 1st place – God of War: Ragnarok Wiki Guide

Best skills and armor for 1st place – God of War: Ragnarok Wiki Guide

After its opening introduction, God of War Ragnarok will unlock quickly with plenty of features, skills, gear, and places to explore – and it can get a little overwhelming. This page contains some of the best skills, weapon attachments, and gear to get you started first to tear down your enemies as you explore each of the different Ragnarok worlds.

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Best skills to get started

Here are some of the most important skills that you can unlock for Kratos using experience gained from battles and completing side quests:

  • ice rake Glacial Rake is a powerful ability that you can get fairly quickly if you save your XP first. You should have enough XP (750) if you save everything even before you go home right after tracking the bear. By pressing R1, Kratos pulls his ax across the ground, sending forward a shock wave of ice. This attack is very quick to use, often applies frost to the enemies it hits, and can hit many targets in its path. You can of course choose a long-range ability like Vengeful Sickle, or more varied action attacks like Whirling and Evasive Storm if you prefer, but this is the most powerful single skill you can buy for the ax when you’re starting out.

  • Hyperion dogs – After a particularly fateful encounter with Thor, Kratos will get the Blades of Chaos, which gives you a whole other set of skills to unlock. There aren’t a lot of options here to get you started, but we recommend saving your XP after the Glacial Rake and putting points toward the Hyperion Grapple (750), which you should be able to purchase before your next big battle. By pressing R1 when aiming, Kratos himself will veer towards enemies, rather than drag them towards him. This causes a great deal of stuns and also allows Kratos to get close in a matter of moments. For an additional 250 experience points, you can alternatively purchase a Blazing Surge to power up a Ranged Heavy attack instead, but we believe the Hyperion Grapple is an essential movement technology that offers players a great deal of flexibility.


  • snake ambush – Use the Frozen Flame you get from defeating one of the first bosses to upgrade your axe and increase the number of skills available to you. If you only bought Glacial Rake and Hyperion Grapple, you should have enough points to buy anything you want for the axe. We suggest purchasing Snare’s Snare for a satisfying and powerful heavy attack that will make your target double as a long-range frost bomb. You have a lot of buying options at this point, so you can also steer clear of another range or movement ability, or perhaps another skill of the Blades of Chaos if it’s your weapon of choice.

  • Permafrost and sacrifice – Also unlocked at weapon level 2 is the permafrost of Leviathan’s blades and sacrifice for the blades of Chaos. For those confident in their combat abilities, these skills allow their weapons to be supercharged in successive strikes (as long as you don’t take any damage). You can see the circle with the weapon icon starting to fill next to your health and you are successful, and a fully charged weapon will deal a ton extra damage for a short time. Even better, get the next skill in the tree when you upgrade your weapon again to press L1 + Triangle when charging to expend your charge and unleash frost waves or explosions!
  • vigil protector – At the same time, you will finally have enough points to unlock something for Atreus. His skill tree is pretty small at the moment, so you can choose to save XP and buy something more powerful later, but we’d suggest buying your first upgrade here, Watchful Protector. This allows Atreus to distract enemies if Kratos becomes disoriented, giving you enough breathing space to finish a tough battle.

Best shield to get 1st place

  • new shield Once you visit Al-Sindri’s house for the first time, there are a number of things you can do. First on the list is Brok’s cute offer to make you a new shield while he repairs your Ranger’s shield, and you have two options to choose from. The Dauntless Shield is the classic God of War 2018 experience, where buses reward blocks for the last second. In comparison, the stone wall armor cannot hold off enemies, but it absorbs damage from normal and even yellow attacks. When you charge the shield by dodging or absorbing damage, you can unleash that energy on your enemies by double tapping on L1. If you’re looking for a more straightforward defensive experience, we recommend the Stone Wall Shield to start with. Incoming enemies have some unexpected parry timings and spaced attacks, so you might appreciate the extra defense from the stone wall. Otherwise, take the Dauntless Shield if you want a more dangerous approach for a bonus, as parry’s attacks can not only annoy enemies, but make them fly when you unleash a shield strike in response!


  • Offensive or defensive shields – While talking to Brok, you can also look at his available Armor. You’ll likely have enough Hacksilver to buy one set at level 1, but here’s what you can expect from each gear set when one level is stronger and gains an extra edge. The Fortified Husk strengthens and repels Kratos’ blocks, adding an opportunity to strike back at your enemies with an explosive counterattack. Vidar’s Might set is all about dealing more damage at the end of the combo set, enabling Kratos to do more damage after a while. Both combos are viable options, but if we have to recommend one over the other, the Fortified Husk combination will keep your health above 0 for longer while you learn combat systems. Whatever you choose, try to wear only one set rather than mixing and matching, as the effects of each piece of armor work together most powerfully when equipped at the same time.

Note that your starting gear doesn’t seem like much, but with enough upgrade, you’ll eventually boost your stats massively across the board. This makes it a decent shield to come back to later in the game, but you may want to collect a lot of late game resources first!

  • Best neanderthal armor Strength and defense are great, but if you always find yourself in poor health, stopping to do one of the first side quests of Svartalfheim is a must. By destroying mining rigs in Bounty Bay for the benefit of In the service of Asgard Favor, you’ll earn unique resources for crafting a deck of the best Nidavellir, which greatly increases your vitality, and allows additional health boosts when capturing stunned enemies. Braces and waistbands give you more time to defeat and capture enemies to boost said health, but you can also mix chest armor with other armor sets for a great combination while boosting your vitality.

  • radiance shield – A little further from the game, you will return to the world of elves in Alfheim. After completing the story mission here, you will be required to explore a large desert in the north with a lot of optional content. Exploring hurdles will help you get a new set of equipment from different legendary chests: shoulder straps, gauntlets, and belt of brilliance. Both the wrists and waist can cause your last-second dribbling to activate a real turn, slowing everyone down for a second and letting you perform some key counterattacks. Combined with the chest gear’s chance to grant you a rune blessing on these dodges, you can take out any enemy with a well-positioned dodge and counterattack!

Best Weapon Attachments for First Place


  • angry beating – You won’t have many Leviathan ax handles to choose from early on, so we recommend upgrading the Furious Maul grip you’re equipping after meeting Thor for now. This is as good a time as any that unlike the first game, you can keep and upgrade your starting gear until the end of the game, so feel free to try out new items you find, or keep upgrading the things you love.

  • Cursed Empress Handles – Once in Bounty Bay, the beach on Central Island and go to West of Sindri’s store. Here you will fight a small Draugr boss known as The Hateful, and once defeated, he will drop a number of objects, including the cursed Empress’ handles of the Blades of Chaos. These handles have a low chance of granting a Strength and Runic damage boost every time you bump into someone, while providing a better stat boost than the basic steel handles you start with.
  • Round of exacerbation – Finally, to complete your equipment with a new piece of equipment in each slot, you will need a new Shield Rond. You need to complete the Weight of Chains Sidequest, which you can start by going to the island near the Giant Geyser to the north of the central island called the Watchtower. Follow the mission until you deviate from the slither to this ledge towards the east. Open the chest to find the intensity bay. This game is best suited for dodge, as it rewards you with a Rage Burst for a successful parry, but even if you don’t want to dodge your shield, it has excellent defense, vitality, and luck stats, so it’s worth if you want to stray away from basic equipment.

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