Buying the best case to protect your smartphone

Buying the best case to protect your smartphone

Buying the best case to protect your smartphone

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) – “A phone case is the cheapest form of insurance you can buy,” says Melanie Pinola with Consumer Reports. With top-of-the-line phones often costing well over a thousand dollars, a phone case should be unassuming.

“Well the phone itself sounds great. But, you know, I leave it on, like, several times a day,” one consumer told us.

Consumer Reports says you get $30 . can get a good case for less than, but make sure it has these features. Pinola says, “A raised edge on the front to protect the front screen. Around the camera housing on the back, another raised lip. You want it to be like tight-fitting with padding on the sides.” “

You wish you had to leave your phone in order to keep the case tidy. And because phone manufacturers often change the design of their phones so often, you’ll need a new case every time you get a new phone.

Even better, pick a phone that scores a 4 or 5 in Consumer Reports’ in-depth durability tests, which include a drop test on a phone without a case. “We drop the phone 50 times,” Pinola says. “We check the phone for any scratches or damage. And then we drop it another 50 times.” The best phones make it out of Tumblr with only a few scratches or scuffs.

More Tips for Choosing a Phone Case Buyer beware: There are a lot of knockoffs out there, so know who you’re buying it from and be wary of online reviews. Many of them don’t tell you how the case stands the test of time. And finally, look for the warranty. For example, Otterbox and Speck both offer good options. “You can’t deny that it’s a beauty buy too. You can find a case that is really well designed and that sparks some joy in you every day and a case like this is what you should go for, I feel. “

For more Consumer Reports information on this topic: Is AppleCare+ worth buying for your iPhone?

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