Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – Release date, game changes, battle pass and everything we know

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – Release date, game changes, battle pass and everything we know

out of franchise Most profitable launch any time modern war 2Call of Duty keeps its feet with Warzone 2.0, the next iteration of Activision’s hit battle royale.

Warzone 2.0 is due out next week. Ahead of its launch, we’ve put together key information to create this comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the upcoming Warzone, including its release details, gameplay changes, the battle pass, and more.

Warzone 2 release date, platforms, and price

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.1 Update It will be released on November 16th For PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Like the first war zone, It will be free to play And support both cross-play and progression.

Warzone 2 Preload

Those who want to get in on the action as soon as possible can pre-load Warzone 2.0 up to two days before its release, starting at November 14 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT.

War Zone 2 تغييرات Changes

new map

The most obvious change to the new war zone is the introduction of a brand new map called The Farm. The new battlefield will host 150 players and 18 points of interest, which is the same as Infinity Ward Hinge. Among the points of interest are an oasis, an oil refinery, an airport, an observatory, villages, cities, caves, swamps, and more.

Those who have played MW2 have already gotten a taste of the new map, as many of the multiplayer maps are subsections of the farm. This includes Qalaat Al-Baqara, Al Safara, Zargowa Hydropower, Tariq, Serif Bay and Saeed.

Players can again play alone or in teams of two, three or four.


A notable change will also occur in Gulag: These matches in the match will now be 2v2 instead of 1v1. Players will be randomly paired up and battle with the second duo for a chance at a second life. Players will enter the Gulag with pre-set gear, although better weapons and equipment can be picked up near the center of the map.

Warzone 2.0 also introduces a second way to escape from the Gulag – by killing an enemy AI named The Jailer, who holds the key to the prison. The warden will produce in the middle of the match. Defeating the warden will cause all four players to return to the main game. As Activision points out, this creates an interesting dynamic as duos can choose to team up with Jailer 4v1.

Part of the warden’s goal is to speed up matches in the gulag. On the same note, Infiniti Ward removed the overtime mechanic; If both teams and the jailer survive the match, all players will be eliminated from the game.

circuit changes

Infinity Ward has also tweaked the way the map shrinks throughout the match. The developer says it expects “a breakdown of the differences within the circuit”. It may collapse as one circle or split into two or three circles, with those circles merging at the end of the game. The way the circle shrinks will be random in each match.

Passing and vehicle upgrades

The new Warzone promises to “combat across land, sea, and air as the environment expands to include rivers, lakes, parts of the ocean, and more locations that are flooded.” With so many new aquatic locations, it seems Infinity Ward has done a lot of work to improve the aquatic gameplay. While underwater, players will have the ability to shoot firearms, use melee weapons, throw knives, and deploy (at least some) lethal and tactical gear.

As far as ground traversal goes, Warzone 2.0 allows players to slide and dive, as well as dangle from the edges, allowing you to peek over the edge before mantles.

Vehicles will now run out of gas (although they can be refilled at gas stations or with gas cans), while enemy players can damage tires, doors, and shoot windows (it can also be fixed at gas stations). Blank tires can also be quickly fixed by navigating and interacting with the tire.

Activision has highlighted two new vehicles for Warzone 2.0: the heavy-duty helicopter, which “can hover in the air without a drone,” and an electric Hummer.

interrogation mechanic

Infinity Ward hasn’t announced many details about the interrogation yet, but it’s an interesting new mechanic that’s sure to add a wrinkle to strategizing. Interrogation allows you to interact with a downed enemy to reveal the locations of his teammates.

custom gear

Players can once again create custom gear in Warzone 2.0. Gear can be obtained during in-match landing events or by clearing strongholds (more on these below). In the meantime, the primary weapon can be obtained from your gear from stores (formerly purchase stations) using in-match cash.

AI strongholds and dark sites

AI opponents also occupy the Mazza area, although these encounters will be optional. These opponents occupy strongholds and only deal with you when you attack them. Each match will include several fortresses. Clearing a stronghold and disarming a bomb inside will get you and your team custom gear and a key to a black location.

Black locations can only be accessed with the key obtained from the first team to clear a specific fortress. Black locations feature fighters more dangerous than the AI, although they offer greater rewards: a permanent weapon scheme and additional in-match items.

Third person playlists

Like MW2 multiplayer, Warzone 2.0 will offer third-person playlists. In these playlists, the typical first person perspective is dropped in favor of an over-the-shoulder view of your character. Infinity Ward says this allows for “different vision tactics” and a “modified” gaming experience. Playlists will be added to the weekly rotation during the first season.

DMZ game mode

Infinity Ward has also announced a DMZ, an “open narrative-focused extraction mode” within the new Warzone. “Players are free to complete faction-based missions, take additional side objectives, engage enemy operators or AI fighters, and scavenge for valuable items, all while fighting for survival toward stealth,” the developer at DMZ said.

Warzone 2 Battle Pass

The MW2 / Warzone 2.0 Battle Pass will work a little differently than the previous battle passes. Instead of a linear set of rewards, the Season 1 Battle Pass spreads goodies across a multi-sector map. Instead of just progressing along the pass and through preset rewards, players will earn tokens that they can spend to unlock a new sector on the map or an item within a previously unlocked sector. The new system is designed to increase player choice, as you will be able to work on specific skins, blueprints and/or weapons.

What happens to the original war zone?

At 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT on November 16 (two hours before Warzone 2.0 launches), the original Warzone will be Taken offline for twelve days. It will be relaunched as Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera on November 28.

Warzone Caldera will exist separately from Warzone 2.0. Content from MW2 or Warzone 2.0 will not be accessible within Caldera, just as the original Warzone, Modern Warfare 2019, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard content will not be accessible within Warzone 2.0. Activision says to expect a “fight royale record playlist” for Caldera.

The old Warzone will not have an in-game store, although your CoD Points can be transferred between games. Activision also notes that the Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep maps will be removed prior to Caldera’s relaunch.

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