CBI is an advisor to Cornucopias, a massive blockchain game

CBI is an advisor to Cornucopias, a massive blockchain game

CBI He is a consultant Cornucopias, A.; The blockchain is hugeList game

  • Cornucopias is an advanced and innovative project based on a massively multiplayer online game, combining the many assets of the blockchain: games, learning, creativity and sharing.

  • CBI is entitled to receive 0.5% of the COPI tokens Issued by Cornucopias And you will own 1.0% of Cornucopias Technology PTE. Ltdthe company formed to Develop Galore Universe

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (CBI, Euronext Growth Paris: FR0014007LW0, ALCBI) annuallyuNices He’s a consultant Galore. This Agreement is part of Alphaverse strategy for bring her expertise and help in development From A virtual world projects.

As compensation, CBI is entitled to receive 0.5% of Cornucopias tokens (COPI), i.e. 19.2 million Cornucopias tokens. CBI has also been allocated 1% of the share capital of Cornucopias Technology PTE. Ltd, the company developing the Cornucopias project. Cornucopias PTE Technology. The Limited Shares are in the process of transferring, and pending the completion of such transfer, these Cornucopias shares have been valued at €1 in the CBI financial statements on September 30, 2022.

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a massive Play-To-Ear, Build-To-Ear, Learn-To-Earn game where players can be rewarded and/or own land, property and other NFT-based assets with real-world appreciation for each Something by playing games in a fun and safe way. Creators and players will discover a new form of currency economics where they can create and trade their own NFT in-game or on third-party marketplaces, and purchased game assets will never be held within a single game again. Currently in limited alpha testing on mobile and PC, “The Island” will be available worldwide in 2024. The metaverse is built on the Unreal 5 game engine and is compatible with PC, mobile, game consoles and smart TVs. The project runs on the Cardano blockchain platform, a globally recognized blockchain transaction solution.

The two lists, CBI’s AlphaVerse and Cornucopias’ The Island, share several common characteristics, most notably a strong commitment to the universality of their metavers, openness to a variety of communities, and widespread use of blockchain technologies.

For more information, visit: https://cornucopias.ioand and


The realize From projectsin addition to its operating budget and financing plan, remain mainly subject to uncertainties,realize The underlying assumptions may have a significant impact on the value of assets and liabilities.

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CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (“CBI”) is a French company that develops, operates and invests in video games, business applications and selected projects related to blockchain, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and cryptocurrencies. Founded by Frédéric Chesnais, a well-known gaming industry entrepreneur and blockchain pioneer, CBI aims to develop and unlock value from a range of blockchain activities across multiple industries (video games, finance, logistics, etc.) with the aim of leveraging this technology, either directly or through partnerships. CBI has already made several investments and is currently launching AlphaVerse, a virtual world based on blockchain technology, or metaverse. CBI shares are listed on the E2 (Public Offer) section of the Euronext Growth Paris Stock Exchange. Learn more through and

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The “Island” from Cornucopias is a massive Play, Win, Build, Earn, Learn and Earn based massive game in which players can be rewarded and/or own land, property and other NFT-based assets with real-world value, all by playing games in a safe metaverse And fun.
“The Island” combines gaming with real-world commerce and provides opportunities for traditional businesses and e-commerce companies to sell and promote their real-world brands, goods and services to a hard-to-reach audience they may have never had access to before.
Built on the Unreal 5 game engine, compatible with PC, mobile, game consoles, and smart TVs, “The Island” will forever be run, managed, and evolved thanks to a growing number of communities including blockchain, Unreal game developers, artists, and modellers. 3D and general gaming enthusiasts.


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