Chinese authorities invite retired soldiers to help Foxconn’s iPhone factory -SSN

Chinese authorities invite retired soldiers to help Foxconn’s iPhone factory -SSN

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Local authorities in China’s Henan Province have urged retired soldiers and government workers to take over at the Foxconn plant. (2317.TW) The official Shanghai Securities News reported on Tuesday that the iPhone factory is in Zhengzhou.

The factory, the world’s largest iPhone manufacturing facility, has come under fire from government measures it imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19, which required the company to isolate many workers but also prompted many others to flee in recent weeks.

The calls to the retired workers came from authorities in cities like Jiyuan and Kaifeng, who say those who accepted the offer will be eligible to receive their current salary plus wages and bonuses from the factory, the publication said in an article on its official WeChat account.

In Jiyuan, for example, public sector workers can receive a bonus of 800 yuan (US$112.9) after registering for the job, and an additional bonus of 3,000 yuan (US$423.5) after completing 30 days of work, in addition to their factory wages and wages. Present. She said, quoting an unnamed junior government official.

Foxconn declined to comment on hiring plans and also declined to provide further updates on the state of manufacturing at the Zhengzhou plant.

Apple last week lowered its forecast for shipments of the premium iPhone 14 model due to the situation. Reuters I mentioned last month Foxconn reported that Apple’s iPhone production at its Zhengzhou factory could decline by up to 30% in November.

Earlier this month, Foxconn quadrupled bonuses for workers who stayed and also launched a hiring campaign that announced higher-than-usual salaries.

On Tuesday, Henan Daily reported that the factory received its first batch of new workers on November 13.

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Additional reporting by Josh Horowitz in Shanghai, and Sarah Wu in Taipei. Editing by Emilia Sithole Matares

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